Dead at 79: Amarrian Princess

AMARR (EVEOGANDA NEWS) - Elizabeth "Tay-Lor" Kador, the legendary Kador Family Princess famed throughout the Empire for her beauty, her Gate-hopping lifestyle, her charity towards the Minmatar and her many loves, has suddenly died, her publicist told Eveoganda news.  She was only 79.

Tay-Lor died peacefully in Amarr this morning at the Royal Family Hospital, with her family and close friends nearby.  She was hospitalized six weeks ago after a mysterious ailment caused her to miss the Annual Caldari Casino Tournament for the first time in several decades.  The details of the ailment have never been revealed to the general public, but rumors and speculation have fueled local talk for weeks.  The Empire's border patrols along Caldari held systems have been noticeably more stringent.

Rixx Javix, who once is reported to have dated the Princess briefly, was able to obtain the following statement from a Brutor who has close ties to the family.  "The buzz around the Emperor's home is murder most foul.  Who amongst the Amarrian Royal family dies at 79?  True or not, the Caldari should look to their own children."  The source requested anonymity for obvious reasons.

Although young by Amarrian standards the Princess had already achieved much in her all too short life.  Two time winner of the prestigious Golden Yacht Award for winning the well-known and universally broadcasted annual race, as well as establishing several well known networks in support of Minmatar nationalism (even at the risk of disfavor from her own family), Tay-Lor was best known for her lifestyle, sexy, glamorous, tempestuous, fragile, always trailing courtiers, media and fans.

It was her flagrant and very public courtships that drew the most attention.  Especially her often bold statements of arriving at Royal events with a well-known Capsuleer on her arm, that really caught the attention of the public.  It was even rumored that she had once dated a Jovian, but nothing was ever proven.  Either way, it is sure that the universe has missed out on hundreds of years of fashion, glamour and beauty by her passing.

New Eden has certainly lost one of its stars this morning.

[ An Eve style tribute to the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor, who left us this morning.  All due respect to a classic beauty.]