Down Low

I haven't spent a lot of time in low security space in my career.  Primarily I've been a Null space soldier fighting over territories held by the Alliance I happened to be a member of.  Like so many things about Eve these days, this is also starting to change for me.  If you haven't picked up on it yet, Rixx is undergoing some major shifts in his on-line career, attitude and perspective lately.  This is a fascinating and exciting time for both of us, watching this new world unfold before us.  After everything we've been thru together, this might be the most exciting time yet.

Why?  Simply stated the future is full of potential.  Lucifer's Hammer is thriving and finding its footing, our membership in RK is going very well and we are having fun. "Fun" is a concept that is often hard to come by in Eve.  Which is often strange for people to understand, especially those new to the "game".  Fun for me is fighting, player vs player combat.  Other people have their own definitions of what is fun for them, hundreds of potential definitions.  Which is fine for them.  My definition is pretty straightforward, I like to fight.

There are fights to be had in low sec.  From the way people whine about how broken it is, you'd think this wouldn't be the case.  But it isn't.  These fights are different than Null fights, for both obvious and not-so obvious reasons.  As are the people fighting them.  In the past I've used the "Professional" and "Amateur" labels to describe Null and Low warriors respectively.  This was simplistic on my part and grossly wrong.  While Null space demands a certain level of professionalism from its pilots, it in no way holds a unique or special place in that category.  There are after all many professional warriors to be found in the systems of Low security.

Many of them are in my Corporation.  And perhaps this is what is most to account for the changes in my own attitude towards low sec.  In the past when I ventured into pirate territory I did so either alone or in the company of fellow Null pilots.  My only real experience with a low sec corporation only lasted a single day, since I was so aghast by what I found there.  But now that more and more pilots with low sec leanings are becoming a part of my everyday Eve life, I'm beginning to see things in a new light.

Last night I went out with a bunch of them on a 4 hour low sec roam.  I promised I wouldn't disclose any details, but suffice to say (despite not getting the fight we wanted) I had a blast.  The fleet composition was unique and extremely interesting to say the least.  And while I may have constructed it differently, that doesn't mean I didn't see the point of it.  And we almost had a good chance to try out the concept, but sadly those arrayed against us didn't want to play.  While I did manage to get on a few kills myself, the ship I was flying didn't really allow for much.  I won't say any more other than this, thanks to those that hosted us Lucifer's Hammer pilots.  I hope we can do it again soon.

The point being, while I will probably always prefer zero space, I am beginning to see low sec in a new light.  The days ahead continue to be interesting, I can't wait to see what happens next.