Hammer Time!

His insanely vivid dream about the Amarrian orgy kept being interrupted by an annoying beeping noise.  He rolled over on his side and tried in vain to recapture it, but it fluttered away from his mind.  The beeping however, kept returning.  Grudgingly he reached for his CommLink, it was Hans.  He rubbed his eyes and answered.  Hans had some interesting ships chasing him down in Syndicate and needed some help.  It was early, but he stretched and ran for the shower.

It was ten jumps through enemy territory so he decided to take the Rapier.  A couple of fail gate camps tried to stop him, but they were no match for his skills with the invisible ship.  Shortly he arrived and found a system full of Immoral Degenerates!  (That was the Alliance name.)  Hans was in his Cane and had managed to stir up a hornet's nest, couple of Tempests, some Drakes, Harbis, and assorted other ships.  About 8-9 in all.  Rixx organized the fleet and the call went out to the Alliance for some help.  It was still early.

After that it was all about patience and position.  Rixx was certain they probably didn't know about the Rapier.  Although they could see he was in local of course.  So the cat and mouse games began.  Several times they thought they had a chance, but the locals weren't making it easy.  Until Hans noticed a lone BlackBird slowly drifting away from the main group.  He mentioned it to Rixx and he started guiding his cloaky ship towards the enemy ship and hoped the situation would continue to develop properly.  The key here was to get far enough away from the Tempests and other long range ships, so even though he was in range he waited until his orbit brought him around the other side.  The moment came and no matter the obvious dangers, he de-cloaked and pounced on the BlackBird.  The others yellow-boxed him but otherwise provided no assistance to their friend.  Most likely they were probably worried about gaining aggro and losing the ability to dock back up again.

By this time other RK pilots had begun to arrive.  Including fellow blogger Logan in his Curse.  They managed to isolate a Drake on the station and bring him down into low structure, but the Degenerates re-shipped into BS Armas and whatnots.  So the fleet decided it was time to head back.  They had some close calls on the way back but nothing came of them. 

Rixx decided to head into Low-Sec to try out his new Rifter.  Meanwhile he saw that Feyr was available and Convo'd him to see if he'd be interested in joining.  Feyr had just lost his Rifter to a Cormorant(!) and was itching for some revenge, so he said yes.  Cyber also mentioned that he'd also be available, so they decided on a three man Rifter roam.  Rixx brought his Rifter into the low-sec base to wait for his Corp mates and noticed a enemy Zealot outside the station.  The Zealot got a few shots off, but Rixx managed to dock safely.  At that moment Cyber entered system and wanted to know where on the station the Zealot was, so Rixx undocked again to take a look.  This time the Zealot was right on the undock with a Drake.  They almost had him again before he docked.  Rixx waited and debated.  The chance to kill a enemy Zealot was something you just didn't pass up, but the key would be getting proper position.  They needed to know where he was before they could get the right position.  So Rixx undocked once again and this time all Hell broke lose.  He could sense something was wrong from the outset, his Rifter didn't respond.  He screamed at the MindLink but nothing happened.  The station timers kept resetting to default and, despite not being pointed, his warp commands were being ignored.  He watched as his Rifter exploded around him and aligned towards safety, at least he'd get his pod away.  But the woes continued and his pod also refused to comply with his commands.

Rixx was pissed and rammed his head into the walls of his new pod.  Goddammit.  It's one thing to be bested by your foe in open combat and another to be bested by the whims of fate.  Easily avoided whims of fate no less.  He jumped into his Daredevil and raced back towards low-sec.  They went tearing up the pipe and managed to kill a Thrasher, and a Crusader before they noticed a Cormorant on scan.  Lo and behold it was the same ship that had gotten Feyr's Rifter earlier!  They scanned and warped around a bit before Cyber was able to grab on, the wily Cormmie was keeping his Rifter at bay.  But this time they had help and Rixx's Daredevil wouldn't be so easy to keep at range.  He swooped in and immediately got up close and personal.  Ripping thru the Cormmie went down hard and fast.  As rare as it is in Eve, revenge was finally had.  Sadly Cyber's tackle ended up being a hero tackle.

But only for the moment.  As Rixx started to warp away another Rifter landed on the field.  Rixx and Feyr spun their ships around and returned for the kill.  But this time they had unknowingly fallen into a Tarp!  This Rifter had a cloaky buddy that they didn't know about.  First Feyr lost his Rifter and then Rixx, who was unable to escape and decided to fight it out - if he could only kill the Rifter he could leave - was taken by the cloaky Pilgrim that drained his cap and rendered his armor rep useless.

They returned to a call from Itsme, some friends were putting a fleet together and would we be interested in joining?  Well duh.

I won't go into the details of that engagement here, suffice to say Rixx managed to get in on two Raven, a Chimera, a Loki, two Rokhs, a Hyperion, and a Megathron kill before losing the loaner Scorpion he was flying.  

Although the Rifter loss still angered him as he settled into his cabin that night, he also felt good about his day.  Twelve kills against three losses, even though one should never have happened, wasn't too shabby.  He settled back in his chair, thru a dart into the picture of Aralis on the wall and headed down to the Bar, hopefully some of the guys were around causing trouble.

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