Howdy in Local (Part Two)

SeeMeBoogie > o/ rixx
SeeMeBoogie > like your blog! always favourite on Capsuleer

Toecutter Helsson > o/ Rixx!

Raz Lictor > o/ Mr. Javix

Anuliadon > can't wait to see a blog about that. :P

Joshroxsox2 > Rixx Javix o/

Minver Trader > hi rixx love the blog

Memoocan > o/ Rixx
Memoocan > someone said you were in local lol

I would like to think most of my readers know me well enough by now to know that I don't actually have an ego that needs stroked, or that I am certainly not out looking for any kind of "e-fame" or anything silly like that.  At least I hope you do.  I enjoy writing this blog and I do take pride in it.  I also enjoy the fact that so many other people enjoy it and read it regularly, that's the whole point.  Why do it if you are not going to do a good job doing it?

It has gotten to the point that no matter where I go in this crazy Universe, people are saying howdy in local.  First of all, thank you.  It does actually mean a lot to know that I  do have a few readers and that you enjoy reading and whatnot.  Even though I'm not actively trying to generate some kind of virtual fame (as pointless as that would be), it does make me feel good when I know a real person is out there that enjoys Eveoganda.  I mean, I am human after all.  It would be disingenuous to deny that and unfair to those that take a moment out of their playing time to say hello.

Secondly I would like to add that I usually miss those hellos in local.  I apologize, but mostly I am traveling thru your space on a roam or some other type of action and my focus isn't on local chat.  In fact, I am notoriously an ignorer of local chat.  There are many times when someone in our gang has to point out something in the local channel for me on coms.  I am getting better at it.  It's funny but when I first started playing it was verbotten to talk in local during fleet operations, so I got used to just ignoring it.

The samples above I pulled from a very quick scan of the local chat logs this morning.  In some cases I did respond and in others I didn't.  That isn't anything personal, just the way things work.  And it doesn't mean I'm hunting you in local or anything, sometimes I notice and sometimes I don't.  Or sometimes I only notice several jumps away.

There is of course a dark side to "fame".  There have been a few instances lately where I believe unusual amounts of effort have been expended to hunt me.  In one case specifically I have good reason to believe it was because of the blog.  In others it could be attributable to my age as a player or other factors, my ego (being non-existent) isn't big enough to believe it happens in all cases.  But I do think it sometimes plays a role.

Is that potentially detrimental?  I don't think so.  I think of my own situation when I am on the hunt.  Generally speaking people in local are only Blue, Red or Neutral to me during a hunt.  It is extremely rare that I think of them as individual people or names, usually only to the point of "he was in a Cane the last time we saw him", or "isn't that the guy with the Cyno?".  Often I don't even know who we've killed until later when I review the kill-mails.  I suspect that is probably true of most serious zero space pilots.  There are so many more things to worry about than the name of your enemy.

All in all I think it's pretty darn cool.  If you see me in local please feel free to say howdy.  I may only be passing thru or I may be cloaked up right next to you, either way I'll know you enjoy reading Eveoganda.  And if I don't respond just know it isn't personal and I do appreciate all of my readers.  Especially the ones that bring expensive faction fitted ships, or transports full of GTC cards, I especially appreciate those!