Monday's Suck

[ Before I start the post I'd just like to send a very special big Eveoganda hug to the folks at CCP for thinking up this.  It's obvious they agree with me that Coalitions are bad for Eve (Which, duh!) and they are prepared to do something about it.  I hate to gloat, so I won't. ]

Meanwhile back in the Batcave.  I really should stop playing Eve on Monday.  Nothing good comes from it.  In fact Monday's suck.  

First of all I found myself stuck way up in the middle of nowhere from our Sunday fleet, in a Drake no less.  And while I was certain I'd get trapped somewhere, I actually made it back to our low-sec home without any problems.  Off to a good start which only meant that the worst was yet to come.

So we put together a nasty little gang to go have some fun with.  Couple of Guardians, couple of Megathrons and various support ships to make things really nasty.  We flew everywhere and couldn't get into a fight.  We did manage to kill this, explode that (with a nice Pilgrim in it!), and keep RJ off the kill for this.  Seeing as how no one would fight us, we decided to re-ship into shield BCs and give it another go.

So we head out again.  This time the tide starts to turn.  Sitting on the gate leading into Old Man Star a whole lotta ships start landing with us, a WHOLE lot of ships.  There are like 4 of us and 40 of them, if not more.  And they have Ares(es), not sure what the plural of that is.  They have a few.  Which means someone, most likely the last person to jump into OMS, is gonna get creamed.  Guess who?   Oh and more fun, the Ares(es) grab my pod and whoosh off I go to our Null Space home.  Minus implants and whatnots.  And special thanks to Angor for saying on comms, "No one gets podded in Low-Sec."  Great support there mate.  Much appreciated.  Yes, while it is rare, it does happen.  And I might mention, it has happened to you as well.  So pfft.

So I upgrade my clone and take a look around my hanger.  It's seven jumps back to our low sec base and I need a ship to fly back.  Well, this is what I'm thinking anyway.  I should've just grabbed a shuttle.  But lo and behold for some odd reason I have a fully fit Thrasher sitting there.  I have no idea why I have that, but it certainly doesn't belong in zero.  I'll just fly that back, maybe sell it to make up for some of these losses.  And then I jump into a Lachesis, a Crusader, and a Curse.  Honestly there wasn't much I could do except align to the out gate and get my pod out.

Once back I fitted up another Drake and decided to wait on my Corp mates who were still making their way back from the earlier roam.  I decided to undock and sit on the station, you never know what might happen out there!  As we all know, Rixx hates to sit in the station!  (dummy! lol)  And what do you know, a Enyo is buzzing around outside.  I yellow-box him but get nothing back.  I scan the system, but he appears to be alone.  It doesn't look like he wants to play so I drop the lock and what do you know?  He starts shooting me!  Huh.  

On such things the world turns my friend.  I lock the Enyo and start blowing him into Kingdom Come.  As he starts to die behind me a Hyperion undocks from the station.  Now these two things are seemingly unrelated, the Enyo and the Hyp are not in the same Corp/Alliance or anything.  But I am blinky now, plus I have aggro on the Enyo.  So the Hyp locks me and starts blasting away.  I'm not overly concerned at this point, despite my Corp mates yelling at me on Comms.  The Enyo explodes quickly and my shield is tanking the Hyp rather nicely given the short range.  All I have to do is wait for aggro to drop and re-dock.

This is just horrible bad Monday luck.  I have two choices at this point.  1) Wait for aggro to drop and dock, or 2) Try to run away from the Hyp, who has me pointed.  In hindsight I should've tried for #2, although getting off station has its own share of risks, I was sure other people would be arriving soon.  It is a busy system after all.  And the Enyo popped pretty fast, I really should be able to dock soon.  In the game of timers, I lost.

Dern it.  According to BattleClinic I ended the day -9.2 points (9.47 kills minus 18.67 losses) compared to Sunday's +34.45 (45.61 kills minus 11.16 losses), so not the greatest day in the world, but despite three losses, not the worst either.  For a Monday it seems relatively normal.