Getting Fit: 3x Low Sec

We all know that living in Low-Sec is different than living in Null.  Duh.  But knowing something and really, really knowing something are two different things.  Having spent the majority of my Eve life in Null up until about four months ago, this really, really deeply knowing thing has taken some time.

Low-Sec is at once much easier and safer than Null and also more dangerous.  In point of fact I'd say they are about the same in level of danger, just in completely different ways.  Fundamentally however, one major difference impacts how you fit ships for Low as opposed for Null, and that is the lack of bubbles.  No bubbles at all, no gate bubbles, no drag bubbles, no bubbles popping out of bubble making machines or ships.  This one fact of life makes a huge difference not only in tactics but in how you fit your ships.

It would be lazy to simply write this off to a question about propulsion mods, that mwds are for Null and abs are for Low.  It isn't that simple, in fact it is much more complicated than that.  And thinking that will only get you killed.  It comes down to tactics and how those tactics are applied more than anything else. We see that with Logistics, recons, mods and pretty much everything else we use.  It isn't especially intelligent for me to say that Low-Sec and Null are different, so I'll drop that line of thought, since that really isn't what this post is about.  But it does set the stage at least.

There is no doubt that the BC class is the workhorse of both null and low, it is without question the turn-to ship when you need to fight something or other.  Especially the Drake and the Cane.  I'm no different and those two ships are the ones I tend to rely on, along with my Tempest, the most when push comes to shove.  But there are also, of course, a wide range of other options for specific situations.  My new favorite "situation" being flying solo.  My favorite ship to fly solo is the Rifter and I always have 2 or 3 of them fit up and ready to go.  The Rifter is cheap and fun to fly.  But it is also a frigate and it tends to be limited in the range of targets it can engage.

Situationally there are other choices when undocking to seek solo action, but primarily my three most reliable choices are the Dramiel, Vengeance and Sacrilege.  It is harder to get fights in them than it is the Rifter, but the range of possible targets is larger, as is their versatility and staying power.

The Dramiel

Lots of people hate the Dram and for good reason, it is over-powered for what it is and someday CCP might just get around to fixing that.  But until they do it is a great ship in any situation, great tackle in Null and great solo ship in low.  It can't stand up to station or gate guns, not for long, but out in the depths of space it is killer.

After some trial and error from the way I fit my Dram in zero, I've settled on the following fit.  It is best low sec Dramiel fit.

2x 200mm AC II - RF EMP for shields, Fusion for Armor and Barrage for special circumstances
Small Nosferatu II

1mn AB II - or faction AB if you want. AB in low, keeps sig down.
Balmer Series TD - Tracking Speed Script
Warp Scram to flavor - doesn't really matter as long as it is high meta
Web to flavor - same as above

Adaptive Nano Plating II
Coreli C-Type Small Armor Rep - or variation, although I like that one the best

This is really up to you and I am still working on the perfect combination.  My current fit is:
Explosive Pump
Ambit Extension
Collision Accelerator

I go with warriors in low, ecms in null.  Any fight I get into in low is usually to the death in this thing and if I need to gtfo it still goes over 2k even with an AB!! WoOt!

The Sacrilege

The Sac is a good low sec ship because it can withstand station and gate guns for a good period, plus it is a HAM Based assault ship and can take on a wide range of targets.  It is slow and sluggish though, so you have to keep that in mind.

5x HAM Launcher II - Missiles to choice, I usually go with CN Terrors and keep others in the cargo
5W Infectious Power Thingie

J5B Scram
X5 Web
Medium Electrochemical Cap Booster
Y-T8 MWD - You don't use this much, but when you need it you need it.

Energized Adaptive 
800mm Rolled Tungsten Plate (There are those that go with 2x EANM, I prefer the plate to give the rep something to chew)
Medium Armor Rep

Medium Aux Nano Pump
Medium Trimark
(I also sometimes fit a dmg rig instead)

3x Warrior II - Mostly for killing other drones, or ECM if you want

The Vengeance

I admit I like the Vengeance mainly because it is all black and badass looking.  It is also a blast to fly and holds up rather nicely in most situations.  It isn't my favorite ship in the world, but I like having fun and the Vengeance is a fun ship.

4x Rocket Launcher II - Rockets of choice, again I prefer CN versions

Monopropellant I Hydrazine Boosters
J5b Scram
X5 Web

Adaptive Nano Plating II
Small Armor Rep II

Small Warhead Calefraction Catalyst
Small Trimark


Next time we'll take a look at some even more funner ships like the Daredevil, the Comet and others.

Enjoy and be sure to bring your ships into Low Sec for fun, adventure and good fights!