Eve is Real: Call to Commissions

CCP is launching the Eve is Real site shortly and has asked for some preliminary projects to be added to the site. I've been adding images over the last week, mostly ones that I did for myself or my Corporation. I did notice today that some of the people I've done commission work for have also loaded my art to the site.

This isn't a problem. Thank you that you thought it worthy of uploading.

But I would like to ask a favor. If you plan on adding anything I did for you to the site, would you please let me know? Either in an email, or eve mail? Just so we don't double load and take away from the impact of a single piece?

Personally I think the site has tremendous potential and I plan on supporting it as much as I can. So anything we or I can do to make it better, so much the better. More people playing Eve is a good thing.

Especially for pirates.