Twitter Hats Explained

Right under the banner at the top of this blog is a list of links to Pages, one of which is RJ's Twitter Hats.  I started a Twitter account for Rixx about a month ago, or right before Incarna came out.  About a week or so before the storm hit.  If I haven't said it strongly enough before, I hate the idea of Aurum and the spending of real world money on vanity items in Eve. Don't like it at all. Period.  I have many reasons for this, many valid ones, but mostly I think it is worthy of mockery.

Which is my style. I make fun of things until they change. 

When I discovered that I could easily change my profile picture on Twitter an idea was born in my evil little brain.  Avatars, monocles, shirts, pants, boots... but no one had mentioned hats.  Hats are fun and funny and down-right silly when it comes to Eve.  So why not?  So I started putting Rixx into all kinds of silly hats.  Mostly one a day, although there were a couple of days when he sported more than one.

I'm a self-depreciating kinda guy anyway, if you read this blog you know I don't mind making fun of myself or pointing out my own mistakes, weaknesses and errors.  Fair is fair.

But Rixx wearing hats to make fun of Aurum and Vanity Items only stretches so far.  And so, things have changed.  The change wasn't actually my idea, it sorta came about thru a bunch of Twits from the tweetfleet.  I thought it would be fun and a way to spice things up and bring the concept of mockery to a whole new level.

The first person up was Eve Travel's Mark.  This was his idea by the way. Then @EVE_Arvash wanted to be made up like Devo, complete with the yellow jumpsuit.  Then @BuckyOhair got a sweet yellow sailor hat, which really complimented his style I think.

And now, today, Roc Wieler got the treatment.  His Grandmother knitted him the bonnet when he was a little boy and he only wears it on special occasions. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure Roc is enjoying his moment in the sun, he has threatened me with physical violence and made several rude comments about the size of certain parts of my anatomy.

If I don't survive long enough to post again, just know I <3 you all very very much.  And my killer is... well I don't think it'll take a super genius detective to figure that one out.