3 Years Today

Three years ago today I logged into Eve for the first time. Yesterday I talked about those first days and why I started playing Eve in the first place. It has been a wild, interesting, frustrating, eventful and epic journey over the past three years. 

So I thought that today I would take you with me on that journey by way of the Corporations I've been a part of, even though I originally wanted no part of them.

Phoenix Industrial-Technologies [P-IT] from 2008.10.12 to 2009.01.31

My very first Corporation. PIT was awesome and I remain friends in-game with many of the pilots I flew with in there to this day. Heck I just talked to my former CEO the other day.  PIT was the perfect first Corporation and I learned a lot during my time with them. Eventually the CEO and the Alliance leadership had a falling out and I moved on, but you never forget your first.

I'll tell you a good story. PIT moved down to Providence shortly after I joined and I needed to get down there from our station in Choonka. I was all alone in my Merlin and the CEO flew up from Providence through enemy space and turned around to scout me back down. It was the first time I had been in Null, the first time I had even thought about "reds", bubbles, any of that crap. The journey was one of the scariest, tense, intense and exhilarating moments for me. And I made it safely.

Dusty Death Enterprise [DREF] from 2009.01.31 to 2009.02.25 

Dusty was well known for its PvP powers and I had started flying with them around Providence. This is when the PvP bug really started to grab hold of me and I wanted to get better at it, by flying with the best. This is where I met FloridaJ (who isn't him anymore) and we had some amazingly insane times in this Corp. Good peoples.

Inglorious Basterds [INGB] from 2009.02.25 to 2009.04.16

Angor and I got it into our heads that we were ready for big-time PvP so why not go to Low Sec and form a Mercenary Corporation? LOL. Oh god, it wasn't the smartest thing we ever did, but we did have some good times for awhile. Mostly because of MasterSelin, a great PvPer that went with us for god knows what reason. For goodness sake I think I had 4 million skill points!? I remember just getting T2 missiles on my Drake!  We failed but we learned a lot. And had some laughs.

Dusty Death Enterprise [DREF] from 2009.04.20 to 2009.07.02
BRUTAL COMPANY (Closed) from 2009.07.02 to 2009.07.17 

So we went back to Providence and Dusty. But it wasn't the same. I was getting more and more involved with the LFA Alliance and the Corporation was disintegrating around us. More details for another time, but essentially Angor and I thought we could save it by re-forming it as another Corporation. It didn't work and Brutal Company only lasted two weeks.  I lost about a gazillion iskies on that venture when Angor's transport full of POS Mods was lost. Thus began the sad tale of me losing billions of iskies over and over again.

Tropical Killer Bananas [T-K-B] from 2009.07.17 to 2009.07.19

To this day I can't remember why we thought the loss of Brutal Company was such a horrible thing that we had to make yet another stupid mistake. But we did. Angor picked this one because they were at the top of the killboard rankings. Never, ever pick a Corporation for that reason!!  I was in TKB for about three hours. Ugh. I will never again be in a hi-sec "pirate" Corp.

Setenta Corp [STC] from 2009.07.20 to 2009.08.12

I went back to Providence and joined Setenta while Angor went off the deep end and joined U'K. Setenta was a great group of guys, although a little to focused on industry for my tastes. It wasn't long before they decided to move to Fountain and I had just gotten back to Providence.

Dissonance Corp [DION] from 2009.08.to 2010.01.06

Since back with Dusty I had been flying with a pilot named Nauron. He and FloridaJ had taught me in FC School and we flew together a lot. Nauron belonged (and still does) to a Corporation called DION, one of the oldest in the game. So began my relationship with DION and the pilots that would become my best friends in all of Eve. Even today.

But this was dark days for the LFA Alliance and Dion decided to head out to the Great Wildlands and beyond. After a few failed Alliances I got a call from some old friends in Providence. It seems CVA/LFA/PXF was going to invade -A- space...

Smegnet Incorporated [SMEGI] from 2010.01.06 to 2010.02.11

So of course I flew all the way back to help out in the war. LOL. SMEGI was and is a great Corporation and I made many friends there. For awhile FloridaJ was even in the Corp, before he stole all their assets and ran off, but thats another story.

We invaded -A- and the rest is history. LFA collapsed, CVA was driven into low, Providence was on-fire and people started evacuating. I've told this story before.

Unforgiven Blood (Closed) from 2010.02.11 to 2010.02.23

A few of us from SMEGI ran off to Low Sec and formed a pirate corporation. Good guys but we really didn't have a clue what we were doing and it didn't work out.

More-Cowbell [M.C.B] from 2010.02.23 to 2010.03.21

Speaking of Great Wildlands. Great Corporation and Alliance that sadly isn't around anymore. This was a good month, but once again, I arrived at the wrong time and things just started falling apart.

Lucifer's Hammer [LUCRH] from 2010.03.21 to 2010.04.20

So Angor and I decided to start another Corporation and hang out in low sec for awhile. We didn't recruit we just chilled for a bit, deciding that we would leave an Alt holding Lucifer's Hammer in case we ever needed it again. lol

m3 Corp [M3] from 2010.04.20 to 2010.06.17 

I got another call about Providence. Seems Paxton was fighting the good fight and needed some help. So I packed my bags and once more went South to help my friends in Paxton. M3 was awesome and I met many wonderful people there, including Kirith. We fought the good fight and had some awesome victories, but in the end -A- was just too much for us and CVA stabbed us all in the back again. M3 went off to really far North Blue land which is no place for a man of action.

Dissonance Corp [DION] from 2010.06.17 to 2011.01.21

So I went back to DION who were just leaving the PRIMARY Alliance and we moved to The Spire (Which is possibly the most boring section of space in all of Eve).

MORD EDIT: It was at this time that Providence called once more. Transformed into a "playground" by -A- we decided to join the Co2 Alliance and have some fun in the South. Shortly after we arrived Co2 and Allies invaded South. At first the war went extremely well, but eventually the tide turned due to an amazing combination of horrible decisions, bad leadership, war-weary members and just bad luck. Tired of all the fail alliances, we decided to head to Syndicate and try our luck forming our own Alliance - Black-Mark.

Lucifer's Hammer [LUCRH] from 2011.01.21 to 2011.06.16

In order to help grow the Alliance I re-started LUCRH as a PvP Corporation and started recruiting. As we started adding members it became obvious we were more than just PvPers, we were becoming Pirates. As Black-Mark was becoming more and more interested in holding Sov and creating blue relations, it became obvious we were growing in two different directions.

I won't even mention the little Morsus Mihi blip this Summer because it isn't important.

If I had to sum up the past three years with regards to the above Corporations I would say the following, I don't regret a single moment, a single person, event, or experience. It has all grown into the tapestry of my Eve experience and it has helped to make me the pilot I am today. So thank you, each and every one. The good, the bad, the rivals, the bastards, all of you.

Special thanks however to Cul for being the first person I called Boss. To Florida and Nauron for showing me the ropes when I could barely fly a fully T2 fitted Drake. To MasterSelin for believing in us for whatever reason. To LJB, Erad and all my friends in Dion. For Cold and Ninjabadger and Kirith and Makalu and Progod and... well the list goes on and on and I need to stop. You know who you are. Thanks guys.

Here's to the next three years, where will it take me next?