Eve is darkness filled with light

Eve is darkness filled with possibilities, a canvas upon which only you can paint the picture of your own fate. Eve is wonder and majesty and infinite pathways that lead to your own soul, written on the scrolls of time and endless cycles of birth and death. Eve is harsh, Eve is cruel, she is merciless, heartless, cold, calculating and unforgiving. Only the strong, the powerful of spirit, the willing, the brave need approach her, embrace her and make love to her draped in the blood of those that have dared before. Eve is light, filled with humanities foibles, courage, fear, betrayal, cowardice, lust, anger, envy and each one magnified to often unbearable states. Eve is beauty, serene in her peaceful dance. Orbiting her stars and gliding among her planets softly whispering the glories of what can and will be. Eve is sudden, unexpected, mystifying and often abrupt. Deeply penetrated, often explored, but never fully known. Eve is diverse, as the pebbles on the beach of time, springing forth with life, tortured by glorious death and echoing with the cries of those that could not make it and gave up trying. Eve is unstoppable, a force unto itself that will make you break, drive you under and crush you into the ground. Eve is gentle, Eve is rough, Eve is breathtaking and she will catch you off guard. Eve is you. And no one else. Eve is everyone and never you. You are alone and you are among friends, enemies, slavers, pirates, fighters, explorers, traders, miners, travelers, adventures, police, soldiers, glory hounds and glory hogs, thieves, liars, honorable men and treacherous women. Eve does not hold your hand, ask for favor or deny you anything. Eve is open, her legs spread wide, inviting you to penetrate her secrets and plunge into her depths. She is a mistress who will steal your soul, lie to you, tempt you with treasure and rob you blind, reward you and stab you in the back. Eve cannot be tamed, but she can be bound. If your will is strong, your heart brave, your mind quick, you may have a chance. Dare to try. Unleash yourself upon her. Ride her storm. See if you have the mettle, the strength to pull her down and give her all you have. Eve will laugh, but she may one day grudgingly respect you.  Eve is darkness, a room into which you must fill her with your own light. What will your light reveal about you, about her and about your soul? Eve awaits. What will be born is up to you.