Hot Streak

Goodness knows I've had more than my fair share of horrible luck, cold streaks, lag death, blob death and every other type of misadventure failure you can have at this game we call Eve.

And I have always been open and honest about those here on the blog. So pardon me while I enjoy a bit of a turnaround, a hot streak if you will.

I do not know to what I should attribute the recent spurt of good luck, but I am loath to try hard to explain it since it is a fickle beast and can leave as quickly as it arrives.  Cycles. Ups and downs, they happen in this game and in real life.

In the last month I've gone 114 kills to only 9 losses, 23 of those kills were solo.  For a crazy pilot that has been podded 70 times since he started playing Eve (thank you bubbles of Null!) I haven't been podded in over 67 days.

And before you go all crazy in the comments, I'm not claiming anything here. I never have claimed to be anything more than what I am. I am well aware that there are pilots with much better stats (many in my own corp and alliance), that stats don't mean everything and that in the grand scheme of things... so what. I know all of that and I agree.

On the other hand, this is about personal satisfaction and the continuing journey of getting better and better at what I enjoy doing. A job well done. Pride in your work. I may not make the most toasters, but that doesn't mean I can't take some pride in the toasters I do make.

I'd like to make more toasters.

So the journey continues. I am 515-100 in Lucifer's Hammer. The enemy has a 16% chance of survival against me.  I've destroyed 46 Billion in assets to 6.2 Billion in losses. Those are the hard numbers since January 22, 2011.  Seven months.  (A 74-14 monthly average I can live with, although I'd like to see that improve)

In that time my top ten favorite ships (based on total kills) are Hurricane, Drake, Broadsword, Vagabond, Tempest, Rapier, Zealot, Harbinger, Sacrilege, and Sabre.  The Sabre kills must be from when we were in Syndicate.

More importantly for me though is the quality of kills, the points associated with the kills versus the losses. And while I still have a few nasty losses, nothing ventured nothing gained, I have made an effort to keep those to a minimum. And that effort has really started to pay off.

Eve is a journey and not a destination. Onward and upward.