Pod, Stuck, Death & Blobs

I had a little more time to play yesterday than normal, broken up into little bits, but still - more than usual. I haven't had much time in the past two weeks, so I decided to let my hair down and act a tad more aggressively.

I should know better.

I say that mostly to be funny, honestly you just never know how the day is going to go. Sometimes things fall your way and sometimes they don't.

For example, I'm warping around in system trying to find this Brutix in my Broadsword.  I had already killed a Iteron MkIII, a Myrmidon and an Incursus (along with the help of my Alliance mates of course). Then I got a bing on my constant d-scanning, a lonely Rifter at the Sun. Being a slow ass Broadsword he was gone by the time I got there, but I swung the d-scan around and caught him on the Gate. I might have time to kill him if he landed off a bit.

And this is where stupid, bad luck and game mechanics come into play. Our system has hi-sec and low-sec gates, two of which have sorta, kinda similar names. While I scanned him at a low-sec gate, my brain thought I meant the hi-sec gate, but my warp finger knew I meant the low-sec one. So I warped to the low-sec gate at zero and immediately got caught in the gate. The Rifter was there and he warp scrambled me. Now the ONLY reason a Rifter warp scrams a Broadsword is because he has friends on the other side. (Duh!) So I wanted to untangle myself from the gate and start burning for something. I couldn't jump thru the gate, because who knew what was on the other side.

Ah, now I know. A blob. Great. At this point I was a bit off the gate, so two choices - burn for the gate and jump (right into the heart of the dps) or continue burning and kill the only thing stopping you - the Rifter.  Being me, I went for kill the Rifter. Which would've worked had it not been for the Rook. Oops. So I lost the Broadsword. And, lucky for me, I also lost my pod to game mechanics. I was aligned and it wouldn't warp. So my lucky streak ended at almost three months. (Last podded July 3rd)

Oh and by the way. If you are -10 and flying to hi-sec to replace your implants in the stoopid Rookie ship CCP insists on giving you - do not mock CONCORD in local. I did and they immediately made the gates stop working and blew up the ship they just gave me. Coincidence?

So a Megathron undocks. I go get my Megathron and warp it to station. My Alliance buddies are already there in a Cane and Broadsword. We play station games with him for a bit, docking, undocking, etc. Honestly we expect this is bait and we'll be blobbed any minute. But intel remains clear and a few of our friends are also in system. So I start blasting away at the Mega, just to see what he does. I make sure to tell my mates to hold off. And he undocks an Archon. Sigh. And so I lose my Megathron. Special thanks to Lau for whoring on my death.

The day gets better true believers.

If you can't beat them, join them. A large fleet of friends is forming up, so I undock my Baddon and join up. Our target is a couple of large FW gangs fighting up in Heyd. We kill a Hurricane that jumped into us, poor guy. We get reports that the two opposing forces are mounting on the gate and we quickly form up on the other side. We jump into them and all Hell breaks loose.

This was an epic fight and we didn't lose a single ship. The fleet was tight, the commands clear and well executed, the logi flawless, everything went as perfect as such things can. The Battle Report is a mess, but remember we jumped into two other fleets, Caldari and Amarr militia.  We were shooting both of them, what do we care? In the final analysis I helped kill 3x Geddons, a Megathron, a Typhoon (Hello Rote Krappelle!?), a Tempest, another Cane, and best of all an Archon! I even popped a Vigil that was off station later.

More stuff happened. RnK brought a fleet in and for awhile there Heyd local was up over 200. The militia tried to camp us into a station, but we undocked and killed one of their Guardians and shot their Bhalgorn. Their fleet had 30+ Geddon Navy Issues in it! Talk about overkill.

It was fun, RnK hotdropped them somewhere and they pulled off station and we went home for the night.

All in all a very good day. Despite the losses I had a blast. Shit happens, this is Eve. If you are gonna undock and fight, you aren't going to win them all. But 15-3, even with the game mechanic loss, isn't a terrible day.