Socratic Truths

I killed this man. And his pod. He was AFK at the time.

All told my Alliance mates and myself have killed him six times in the last few weeks, he wasn't AFK the other times. I mention the AFK thing because it'll become important later.

For now, and for a little background, go read Zedrick Cayne's Eve Blog. He has an entire series of blog posts on the guy, the one I linked just being one of many.

I actually had a conversation with Soc in local the other day. I had come back from a roam to find him in my local. I was teasing him about hiding in a safe and he started bashing me without provocation. I actually kept the convo and sent it in to "Overheard in Eve" It isn't up as I'm writing this, but Marc promised it would be soon.

Apparently Soc is one of the richest people in all of Eve. Which, if true, is fine with me. Isk means nothing to me, so I wish the rich well and I hope they keep buying expensive things to fit to their ships. All that matters to me is combat and PvP, in which Soc is currently 55-329 on Battleclinic.

I want to be clear. My intention is not to bash anyone, I rarely mention people by name on this blog. And when I do it is in direct reaction to them crossing the line first. All of that stuff above already happened and I never said a word on this blog. Until today.

I was in space doing my usual criminal activity when I noticed a Drake on scan. A quick spin and the Drake was on one of the stations. I was in my Uber Drake of Death, so I quickly warped in. Now usually, in this situation, the other Drake will simply dock when it realizes I'm sitting next to it on the station. This one didn't move.

My first thought was he might be AFK. So I locked him up, pointed him (pointless if he docked) and started shooting him.  I want to make this clear - his ship started moving at 37m/s towards the station. It wasn't moving when I started shooting it. So I bumped it off and exploded it. It did yellow box me, but that might have been an auto setting.

Now the pod is floating there and I lock it up and kill it. I steal the loot, darn Drake was double stabbed. The kill mails are HERE and HERE.

No big deal and I moved on to further carnage. There are 4 Drakes on the station when suddenly a convo window pops up from Socratic. I reject the invite and continue fighting the 4 Drakes solo. (FYI - I take ALL convos, but if you happen to contact me while I am fighting I may reject it. I might not, it depends, but whichever don't take it personal and try me again later.)

Then I get this email: (I broke the emails up into a convo)

Socratic: But you can't take a convo, what does that mean? You are a coward!!

Rixx: ah no, i was fighting, thats what i do

Socratic: you really don't get it, do you? I was afk!
That should be obvious when taking the ship, and I don't object to that, but to continue and take the pod, that is totally bogus. I have family visiting from Europe so I went afk when they arrived. 
taking a pod afk is bogus, you suck!

Rixx: its called docking dude. your in space, you're mine. grow up. or dock. up to you.

Socratic: no, it's called having an 84 year old mother and when she calls you come. and it's called, hey this guy is not fighting or running he must be afk, if I am not a real asshole I don't take his pod. I don't care if you take the ship, and I can afford the pod, it's just what you did is bogus and you know it. no excuse makes it right,

you're an asshole!!

and you know that too!

Then he blocked me so I couldn't respond. I'm not hard-hearted here, taking care of your Mother is an extremely important thing and I would never mock it. RL>Eve. Having said that though docking is pretty easy to do and only takes one click of the mouse. Maybe half-second?

Even if that doesn't work and we've all been there. Taking an AFK ship is standard operating procedure. If I left the pod floating there, someone else would've killed it and gotten the mail, that wouldn't be fair. And it isn't how anyone I know operates anyway. Why am I even defending this?

Oh and btw, later in local:

Socratic > Rixx Javix = total asshole
Socratic > bring me his corpse for big isk
Socratic > convo me
Rixx Javix > lol
Rixx Javix > good luck with that

'Nuff said.