Eve Predictions for 2012

This time next year we shall all be atomized by some sort of cosmic Mayan revenge fantasy, otherwise known as "Oh great leader we have charted 2,000 years on this calendar... and our fingers are sore."  "Sheesh guys, take a break, it isn't like our civilization is going anywhere!" They all LOL'd and went off into the jungle to wait for the Spanish.

Where was I? Oh yeah, 2012.

Here are some boneheaded predictions for our little Eve Universe (ish) for the coming year. Live it up while you still have time.

Prediction 1:
Mord Fiddle will admit that I am right about something!
Granted, this has about as much chance of happening as the aforementioned Mayan Apocolypse, but my crystal ball is telling me it is bound to happen sooner or later. The problem is, it'll probably be something small and insignificant. But a victory nonetheless!!

Prediction 2:
Ripard/Jester will be revealed to be four lonely teenage brothers living in a trailer outside of Birmingham, Alabama.
C'mon, this isn't that big of a reach. I write a lot, almost 700 posts in two years, but this guy puts me to shame. It can't all be the work of one person. Granted he has only been blogging for a year and the inevitable blogger block happens in the 14th month (proven btw by Google research, most blogs die after the 14th month!). Not that I wish that to happen of course. 

Prediction 3:
The Russian Null Bloc will finally realize they actually hate each other and fight amongst themselves. Vodka prices in Jita climb to all-time highs.
More then a prediction, this one is more like a wish. Just remember my Russian friends, everyone is talking about you behind your back. Especially that Serbian character! And don't forget about the Georgians!!

Prediction 4:
CCP will come to their senses and universally adopt all Gooder Eve suggestions.
And really, that would just be so awesome. Especially the POS BattleStar!! Woot.

Prediction 5:
Rixx will start a new Corporation that grows into a thousand man powerhouse that takes back Providence!!
No he won't. Yes he will. No he won't. Huh, that does sound interesting though... anyone else up for it?

Prediction 6:
The new T3 Frigates and the new Tier3 Destroyers are friggin' awesome, spawning a new era of good fights across new Eden!
Ok, some of these are pure wishful thinking. But you never know who might be reading.

Prediction 7:
GCC gets lowered to 5 minutes in an intelligent new system based on the security status of the system in which the combat aggression takes place.
Those responsible at CCP win the coveted Noble Gaming Prize in Stockholm and are universally hailed as geniuses. World peace follows shortly.

Prediction 8:
Mord Fiddle will admit that I am right about something!
Maybe that last prediction is the one Mord will admit I was right about?

Prediction 9:
The number of women playing Eve rises dramatically from 1 to about 12.
Schweet. Sadly this has more to do with the dropping costs of sex-change operations than anything else.

Prediction 10:
I'll finally have that moment where you go, "oh yeah, that's how it works" and suddenly Eve will make total sense and I'll be - like - awesome at it.
Had to throw one in here for me!  Ok, so I hope it happens to all of you!!

Happy New Year. Let's hope it doesn't actually end next December, I'm really starting to get the hang of it.