Twitter Hats: Clearly Spoken

It's my own fault. Sometimes I can be unclear by trying hard to be clear and all I do is confuse people by trying to be clear, so let me be perfectly clear. (With apologies to Richard Nixon)

For almost six months I did a Twitter Hat every day, some days as many as six. That is over. No more daily hats.

But I will still be-hat your Twitter Avatar for you if you ask me nicely. And that hat will become part of the Tweetfleet Hat Collection here on Eveoganda. Which will eventually result in a printable poster and more fun Wallpapers.

In exchange I will accept small donations for my efforts, or not, totally and 100% up to you. I am a Pirate who doesn't play as much as he used to, so every little bit helps me afford more ships.

That's it. You can request hats thru Twitter, thru email both out and in-game, or by leaving a comment on a post.