The Blog Pack

This week the Eve Blog Pack will be moving. Marc Scaurus at Malefactor has agreed to take on the duties of running and updating the EBP going forward. So a huge thank you to Marc.

For those of you that are wondering why the change, the answer is simple. I have found new employment and my available time isn't what it used to be. It is a lot different running your own company and being solely responsible for your own time, to switching to even more responsibilities and answering to others. In addition to raising four boys, one of whom is headed to college and two of the others are in need of special attention. Real life continues to be challenging.

My love of all things Eve remains unabated and I am not a bitter vet.

However, I cannot honestly continue to service the community I love the way I have in the past. Even though it has only been two months, already updates are needed on the EBP and I'm increasingly falling out of touch.

Eveoganda isn't going anywhere. And hopefully I'll be returning to a more regular posting schedule again in the near future. But there is more to this than simply blogging. And those responsibilities need to be handled by someone more in touch with the community right now. I owe it to the members of the Pack and to Crazy Kinux to ensure the EBP continues to uphold the very best this great community has to offer.

Thanks to everyone for your words of support these past few months, they are much appreciated. Personally I am very excited about the opportunities that life continues to bless me with. Eve will remain a part of my life going forward, but for now at a significantly lesser degree than it has for the past three years.

More updates to come. But I sincerely encourage all of you to support Marc and the EBP moving forward.