Blog of the Month: May 2012

A few months back, crazy man Marc Scaurus over at the Malefactor decided that maybe some Eve Community Blogging awards might be a good idear. Since he is also running Eve Blogger and the Eve Blog Pack now, it seemed like a decent enough idea. He even convinced Stan and Ripard to serve as judges. Pretty cool dealeo.

Cut to the chase and this here humble wittle blog has been awarded The EEBEE for Blog of the Month for May 2012!!

I am honored and humbled that anyone even pays any attention to this train wreck slash social experiment slash artist gone crazy slash humorous slash fan-site thing that I do. I read a lot of blogs and the other nominees are both great bloggers well deserving of the recognition. I am honored to be in their company.

In particular, May was an important month for me personally. I came back to blogging after mostly being away from the game for three months. I had come extremely close to closing up shop and leaving Eve forever. Razor edge close. No joking matter. But I'm not much of one for quitting and those three months taught me that this place was important enough for the effort needed to make it work. So I came back after all and poured my heart into it. At least I was hoping I did. I guess other people think I did as well. So this recognition, unexpected and unintended, is especially appreciated in that light.


Thank you to Marc, to Stan and to Ripard for the award. And thanks to everyone that stops by and says hello from time to time. Oh wait, the music is starting and I haven't even... damn. Thanks Mom and Dad! Aunt Cecilia!! And my first grade...