Blowing Off Steam in a Merlin

So the last two days I've been roaming and getting into fights wherever possible. Staying away from the blog a bit and focusing on exploding things, being exploded, having some good natured fun in Eve. It is good for the soul.

During the two-day run I went 7-1, mostly trying out a Merlin. I haven't flown a Merlin since it was the only choice I had, mostly picking other frigates for obvious reasons. Until the recent buff and the introduction of mid-slot Shield Boosters. So I figured it was time to try it out for real. As regular readers know, I don't use EFT or any of that other pussy shit, I fit things up and fly them against real people. Either they work or they don't. During the course of the last two days I tweaked the Merlin fit about a dozen times, mixing guns, slots, rigs and whatnots. I finally arrived at what I think is a good fit and it proves out in some ways and not so much in others.

The first kill wasn't a good test, poor guy didn't even bother shooting back at me. I did practice a bit on him though and learned some good stuff about ammo choices. I made some corrections and waited for another chance.

Today I finally got the chance. Rifter on scan at the belt so I warped in on him and engaged. Having never used the shield booster before I was a little cautious and unsure of what it could do. I also learned that having a mwd on the Merlin wasn't a good idea, lol. His web kept me at a range I wasn't comfortable with, but the earlier ammo test came in handy as I was still able to hit him decently even at his range. Thank goodness. One of my Tusker buddies came in to watch us fight and while I may have won against him alone, I wasn't confident enough in the ship yet. So I asked for help. If it hadn't been for the two rats who were also shooting me I wouldn't have.

So I made some more tweaks and fitted an AB instead. Soon I found my pal Astral Dominix from Trial by Fire appeared in local and we worked out a 1v1. I knew he'd have a well fitted Rifter and I was anxious to see how the Merlin did against it now that I'd made some additional teaks to the fit.

What followed was an epic fight, one of the best 1v1s I've had in a long time. Credit to Astral for doing exactly what he should have, although he probably should've brawled a bit more than he did. He finally exploded.

Then another dood in local wanted to fight, so we waited out the GCC and tangled. I should have known he would have time to properly fit his Rifter for me, but whatever. The rocket was a surprise either way and it was still a very close fight. I exploded just as the booster charges were finishing loading.

All in all I am impressed with the Merlin and it certainly attracts good fights, which you can't say for all ships.

Looking forward to exploding more things.


  1. It was an awsome fight..i tried to sit outside your optimal but i just couldnt seem to find a range you didnt hit at.. Best 1v1 i had in a while tho great fun ;)


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