The CCP Pledge

In the wake of the meaningless circumcision of the vaunted Vagabond and the subsequent Thukk You, Frill Me! in-game protest, I believe it is time for CCP to own up to its responsibilities.

We, the employees, leaders and stakeholders of CCP Games, hereby assert and pledge our enthusiastic agreement to be encumbered and constrained voluntarily by the following statements.

As a heritage institution approaching our first decade of operation, primarily as a provider of the internet spaceship 'game' known as Eve Online; we hereby promise to thoughtfully and faithfully consider the heritage, tradition and institutions of the past before considering those of the future. While we appreciate our corporate responsibilities to growth, revenue and expansion - we also must appreciate the indesputable connection between those realities and the inherent intangibles that spring from a dedicated player base immersed in a virtual world of our construction.

We appreciate that we are stewards of an entire universe, both real and imaginary, that has existed in the minds and imaginations of hundreds of thousands of dedicated players - our subscribers - for years. As such, it is our stewardship responsibility to weigh updates, advancements, improvements and changes against heritage, tradition and history; with the player experience utmost in mind.

We shall strive to always remember that 'Eve is real' to our subscribers in ways that may not always be evident to us and that may only become apparent after changes have been implemented. We agree to remain flexible and open-minded in such situations and evaluate changes, updates, advancements and improvements that may sometimes need to be reverted to previously existing states, or modified in such a way as to maintain elements from the previously existing state. Our goal shall always be to tangibly improve the experience while maintaining a considered, considerate and thoughtful balance with what has come before.


The employees, leaders and stakeholders of CCP Games.


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