Thukk You, Frill Me! Sunday

Sunday July 15th we gather together to send a message to CCP. That message should be loud and clear, Bring Back the Frill!!

Here is a round-up of links regarding the event and how YOU can participate:

Freebooted - The dude what thought this event up!
The Eve-O Forum post for Bring Back the Frill - We need moar sigs!
The Thukk You, Frill Me! Event Forum Post

The Thukk You, Frill Me! Event Promo Video - Rejected by CCP for use during ATX!!!

The Event Ad that appears in EON Magazine

Frill Seekers Wallpaper

More on the Frill Seekers - Brave souls wearing Frills on Twitter!

As or me, I'm still working on a way to actually be there for the event! I usually don't play Eve during the weekends, but I'll figure something out. So we'll see you there!

Remember, while the 'leet play at their games this weekend, us - the majority Eve Players - can send CCP a strong and clear message. We will not just idly stand by while you cut, destroy and mangle the game we love. Wether you care about the missing circumcised wings of the Vagabond or not, that is a message we should all care about supporting.

And that is really what this event is about. Pay attention to us.