Yesterday was interesting.

I really didn't anticipate the overwhelming response the 1v1 Video would receive. Thanks to everyone who watched, commented, shared and responded so overwhelmingly positive to it - much appreciated.

I actually thought about doing a video version of the 1v1 Comic over a year ago. For various reasons it remained on the back-burner of ideas, never really disappearing, but never really coming to the fore either. Believe me, this isn't unusual, there are a tremendous amount of ideas in that section of my brain. They fight a lot in there.

A little about the video, for those that might be interested in such things. Every frame is hand-drawn in Adobe Photoshop. The only graphic I used Adobe Illustrator for was the explosion. I drew that explosion about four years ago for another project, I never throw anything away. The music was done using Garage Band and I purposely made it bad, taking all of about five minutes and a few loops. I recorded my voice on my Blue Snowflake microphone and then played around with it in Soundbooth. The illustrations were done in one Photoshop file on different layers, each piece exported with their own Alpha Channel and composited and animated in After Effects. The original HD file was exported at 720p and is almost 500mb. I then compressed it using QuickTime Pro.

I do plan on making more of these. It is intended to be a series. How often I can get the time to do it remains, as always, unknown. But I'll do my best.

I will say this. If you'd like to share some weird little story about your own experiences in Eve, please feel free to do so. I may end up using them to construct a future episode. And if I do use elements of your story I'll be sure to give you credit. I'm not certain right now that it will go that way, believe me, I have plenty of material from my own history. But I am considering the possibility. The goal here is to tell good, funny, stupid stories about Eve. Not necessarily accurate, but based on actual events. We'll see how it evolves. So feel free to email me if you feel inclined to share.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about Mord Fiddle behind his back.

And I fully expect to see you all at Thukk Me, Frill Me! on Sunday.