July Carnage

Having spent most of the month of July gainfully unemployed means I had more time to spend playing Eve. For me at least, it was a lot of time. Still nothing compared to some of you. But more than others. Let's not quibble about the time. Why am I even writing about it? Off-track in the first paragraph already.

I have however, dedicated what play time I do have to the pursuit of solo PvP and becoming much better at hunting and killing people. I freely admit this hasn't made me the best Tusker Corp member lately. Combine that with a broken Mic and no money to buy a new one and I've pretty much been playing by myself the last month. Not totally, but you get the idea.

So how have I been doing? Not great and not bad either. In one context, living in a Corp where other pilots get 200+ kills a month, I've done terrible. But in my own context, I've made great progress, gotten into some pretty awesome fights and learned a lot.

This is all set-up for another post about T1 Frigates that I'm writing, so I thought I'd take a look at the past month to give you some idea of my Eve life.  For the month of July I went 34-9 and raised my BC standing from 15,420 to 13,910, so good progress is being made on the quality of kills.

Good 1v1 Kills:
Merlin vs. Incursus
Merlin vs Rifter
Drake vs Drake
Daredevil vs Manticore

Good Fights (Not 1v1):
Ketsrel/Merlin vs Rifter
Merlin/Merlin vs Enyo
Merlin/Merlin vs Incursus
Merlin/Merlin vs Maller

LOL Kills:
Sac vs Itereon IV - Undocked with me :(
Drake vs Ferox - Poor guy just wanted to ask me something
SFI vs Tristan
Dramiel vs Catalyst - I undocked and he was on scan
Sac vs Coercer - Catching him was the hard part
Sac vs Itereon Mark III - poor guy undocked as I landed, boom
Sac vs Badger  - sensing a trend here? What can I do, I undock a lot
Sac vs Probe - Don't pop a cyno when I'm in local!
Sac vs Cormorant - Its called "dock", you should try it
Broadsword vs Rupture - This one took more skill than you might think
Broadsword vs Catalyst - and this one didn't
Merlin vs Reaper - I don't shoot Rookie ships, but this one was just sitting there...
Daredevil vs Catalyst

And nine pods.

Good 1v1 Fights that I lost:
Wolf vs Enyo - faster than me
Rifter vs Incursus - dual rep beats single rep
Vengeance vs Wolf - I derped this one, had him and hit the wrong button
Merlin vs Rifter - good fight, I lost
Incursus vs Comet - I was curious and I got raped in the face for it
Merlin vs Rifter - If I had a FULL load of charges he'd be the dead one! Grrr
Incursus vs Thrasher - Another question answered lol

And one Derp loss:
Vagabond vs Everyone - trying to get to the Thukk You, Frill Me event

So there it is, a month of hard work. 15 fights that I would classify as "good" and I was 8-7 in those, which is not as bad as it sounds. Not that long ago it would have been 7-8, so progress is being made. Especially when points and values are considered. Points wise (according to BC) I went 289 - 113.

So tomorrow (hopefully) I'll have a post ready about what I've learned about the three T1 Frigates I've been flying.

See you then.