NEWS FLASH: Ring of Fire Discovered


News has spread rapidly throughout New Eden of a recent Capsuleer discovery of a new System and a strange but beautiful steller phenomenon, which is rapidly becoming known as the Ring of Fire. Eveoganda is the first news source to receive confirmation of this discovery and spoke to Wormhole explorer and Capsuleer Morgan Bigbutte in Jita.

"We were just probin' a new Wormhole, like usual," Bigbutte said from his Captain's Quarters in Jita, "we didn't expect anything unusual." He paused as if to catch his breath before continuing, "But the readings were off the charts, an exit hole unlike anything we'd seen before.  It was massive. So we sent one of the younger pilots thru, y'know, in case it was dangerous..." He shakes his head and laughs to himself. "It wasn't long before we all went thru. The System we came out in wasn't on any of the charts... it's a new System."

The System he speaks of has now been designated as VR-0912 and is located at the far end of Tribute. But the new System isn't the most exciting discovery. "The entire System is empty, nothing but blackness, except for a massive black hole devouring a Red Giant star... it is eating the Star from the inside... I've never seen anything like it in all my years."

Caldarian Astrophysics Professor and Explorer Canton Hope explains, "From what we've been able to determine from our expedition, this is an 'exit gate', similar to the Eve Gate in many respects. But possibly the polar opposite in many important respects. We can't get closer than 100AU from the event, the tidal forces destroy our probes and rip them to pieces. But what we do know is the event is the largest we've seen since the Eve Gate."

The 'event' which is now known as the Ring of Fire, has been taken up in a popular Capsuleer movement that is gaining widespread support from all four Empires as a memorial to fallen Capsuleer pilots. The Amarrian Empire has already issued an official declaration of support and it seems the Caldari might not be far behind. Although the Amarrian declaration contains much religious overtones, it is primarily a political document. Gaining Capsuleer support is critical to each of the Empires.

Wanton Disregard, the young Capsuleer who was the first to see the Ring of Fire, explains, "It is simply the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It was almost a religious experience, you can't help yourself. I immediately thought about the friends I've lost, the immortals who will never return."

Will the Ring of Fire become a permanent memorial?  Only time will tell.

Register your support for the effort to establish a permanent in-game memorial to ALL fallen Capsuleers, visit the Forum Thread and let your voice be heard.