Pay Per Kill

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My play style in Eve doesn't pay much. Oh sure, I can grab loot and re-sell it on the market - although more often than not I either keep it for myself to use, or there are fifteen enemy ships around waiting for me to try and take it - and while that is sometimes enough to pay the bills it isn't really enough to consider "income".

So most people are forced into running missions, plexing, joining FW alt corps, trading, running mining ops, y'know the usual stuff people do to make iskies in Eve. None of which I have a personal issue with, more power to you. I used to do that stuff as well back when I had more time to play. But that isn't the issue, play time, the issue is it should be possible to make an "income" in Eve simply from doing what I like to do. Shooting ships.

So I'd like to propose a system in which I get paid for doing that.

The system I am proposing is a simple one. Negative status pilots are supposed to be criminals, people who have crossed the law and aren't allowed to do some of the things people with positive sec status are allowed to do. Depending on how low your status is, the less you can do. I happen to be -10 and can't even go into a hi-sec system at all, unless it's in my pod. I'm a criminal according to Concord and all four signatory Empires. You'd think they'd want me dead.

Bounty Hunter mechanics have been proposed for years, but what I am suggesting isn't exactly a BH mechanic. What I am suggesting is a Universal Sec Status Mechanic (USSM) that functions in much the same way as the Shooting Rats in a Belt Mechanic (SRBM) we have today. In other words, to make it even easier, every time anyone with a negative sec status is exploded someone gets rewarded from CONCORD.

How does it work? Simple. Sec Status becomes a base multiplier against the base value of the kill. Exploding a -10 pilot's ship means the base value of his ship gets multiplied by 10x, divided by the CONCORD Index and then divided amongst the pilots on the kill. Base values of ships are already calculated by Eve and incorporated into the new combat log.

Let's use an example: This Vagabond kill from the other day.

The Vagabond loss netted $185,073,726 Isk ( we don't count the drop obviously ), and let's assume for the moment that the pilot was -9.5 Sec Status. 9.5x185m = 1.75b divided by Concords 95% tax = $18,507,373 / 3 pilots on the kill - so each pilot would receive $6,169,124 Iskies in reward monies.

Another example: This super expensive Tengu kill.

This Tengu was crazy expensive, so let's see how the math works out. $1,740,553,063 destroyed. Yikes. Let's do the math, I'll wait. Oh and let's assume the poor pilot was -4 sec status. I get $6,962,212,252 as the multiplier, then 95% tax makes it $87,027,653 divided by four pilots on the kill and each pilot would get $21,756,913 iskies. Which seems to me like a fair shake on an awesome kill.

This system is universal, so any negative sec status pilot that is exploded rewards whoever kills it. No exceptions. The rewards are not huge enough to promote miss-use really, but of course some idiots will try to exploit it. And it effectively rewards people for killing criminals and engaging those criminals, which is exactly what those criminals want you to do.

It is possible that I am missing something, but it seems like an idea that works for everyone. It rewards the exploding of negative sec status ships and not positive ones. We already have a system that punishes those.

Negative pilots want more fights and now other people have a reason to give them more fights. It would be possible, given loots and rewards, to make a decent living doing nothing but fighting.

And that's the whole idea.

What are your thoughts?


  1. A good idea although would be a massive isk faucet, if you swapped to Concord LP instead of isk it would prolly work better and also help take isk out of the game, obviously the math would prolly need to change too. And it would reward pvp'ers rather then gate camping gimps


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