The Other Side of Slashers

So far the Slasher Project has been going pretty well. I'm 24-3 in the ship since I started flying it a few weeks ago. I've been trying out some new fits and the ship has some excellent flexibility. Although it does also have its limitations. But gosh darn it, they are so cheap!

My third loss the other day left me without any in the hanger, so I went out yesterday in some other ships. A Dramiel ( killed a Vagabond with some help from fellow Tuskers ), a Tormentor - didn't get any fights, and a rail Taranis I had laying around. I did manage to solo an Incursus with the Ranis, although it took bloody forever. I admit to testing different ammo types on the poor guy, so that made the fight last longer than it should have. I didn't even release my drones until half-way though the fight.

So then back home. Before I docked up though I figured I'd go thru Jov and into Lisb to see if anyone was about. I noticed Red was in Lisb local chasing a Slasher so we hooked up to see if we could catch him.

I'll let Anabaric tell you the rest of that story. You can read his account HERE.

The thing about plans is that they don't always work. Plus I think I can safely say that is the first time I have ever been beaten by a Slasher. The shoe was on the other foot yesterday and it didn't go that well. If I'd been alone in the Ranis I wouldn't have engaged the Slasher, not fit the way I was. But together we should have beaten him. But that's Eve for you. You can write it all out on paper any way you want, but until you actually do it...

Either way, it was a good fight and well fought.


Another gem yesterday. The Tusker CEO Ka Jolo has a blog and way back in 2008 he wrote a post describing his desire to start a new Corporation. Worth a read.

Until next time. See you in space.