The Ring of Fire Project

The Ring of Fire Project is dedicated to the creation of a permanent in-game memorial for all players that have passed away. Inspired and dedicated to the memory of Sean Smith/Vile Rat, this memorial would represent all fallen Capsuleers. Which someday will include everyone reading this post.

The forum thread is here, so please register your support or feel free to leave your own suggestions or comments.

Understand that I am not solely advocating the creation of my own specific concept, although I have tried to present a well thought-out and workable plan. I would be willing to support any concept as long as it adheres to two basic tenets.

• The Memorial needs to be available to everyone in-game

• The Memorial needs to represent all fallen Capsuleers, past, present and future

I believe the idea needs to be simple in order for support from CCP to achieve our goals. The more complicated the less likely it is to succeed. I also believe it is critical that the concept fits within established game lore. In that regard, I suspect Capsuleer's themselves would want to create a place to remember those immortals that cannot return to space.

Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated as always. Thanks.

PS: I re-did the ROF Video. The updated version is now above.