Tuskers #1

This morning The Tuskers finally overtook Outbreak for the #1 Corporation ranking on BattleClinic. Say what you will about BC, and I think we all have our issues with it, it is equally messed up for everyone. And while there are many Corps with more kills than us, or more destroyed ISK value, or more whatever you want to point at - the fact is the combination of point value, kills and destroyed value adds up to the high ranking.

We've known for months that we were getting close, we even had an internal bet on when exactly it would happen. ( not sure who won the pool, will have to check. )

I think my opinion about Killboard stats has been well established here over the years, but even so, this is still a pretty awesome thing. But what really matters is where the rubber meets the road, ship to ship, pilot to pilot. And while virtual respect might mean something to some, for me it will continue to be my own fellow pilots, my friends and the self-respect I have when I undock to go hunting.

Everything else is just numbers.

But congratulations to my fellow Tuskers! I know how hard they've been working on this and how much sheer effort it takes behind the scenes to accomplish. And for that, and for all the good fights, no one can say otherwise. Well done. Now let's get to work on keeping it.