First off the block!

And here is the first news off the starting line. Black Claw, or Alexia Morgan as he is known now, has announced his plans for a "community blogging site" over on his blog - Touring New Eden.

"I'm building something. I'm building a place for community. In a nutshell, it's going to be like Facebook for Eve, but better. It will be for Eve bloggers and players to come together and act as a community. To encourage each other, to support each other, to communicate better with each other, and to promote the activities of the community as a whole."

He originally built so he has some traction in accomplishing these types of goals. So I encourage you to take a look.

We've talked about it and what he is proposing is very interesting. And I think it will be prefect for anyone that might want a voice, but doesn't want to have to commit to a full-time blog. Or even those that find it difficult writing on a schedule. And while I can't contribute editorially, I will be there to help support it if he gets it up and running. Just like I would for anyone.