Teg, Scaurus & Javix LIVE!

Tomorrow night's PODSIDE Live Broadcast will feature Ripard Teg, Marc Scaurus and your friendly neighborhood pot-stirring blogger. The Podcast is, or will be, available at Section8 Live at 04:00 Eve Time. ( Which we have, thru a complex series of tubes, determined to be 11pm EST, or 10pm CST in the US. The rest of you can figure out your own TZ!)

We'll be discussing "the past, current, and future state of Eve blogging and the community of Eve as a whole." but you and I know it'll just be Marc calling me a 'nut job' for thirty minutes. Which should be fun.

Seriously though, you should check it out or download it later.

UPDATE: The Podside Podcast is now available to listen to at this place right here!