The Emperor Has No Clothes

As of this morning I know of at least 6 new and exciting efforts under way to help the Eve Blogging Community and replace or improve upon the feature services that existed just yesterday.

It would be easy to label me as Anti-Goon ( which would make explaining the Ring of Fire a tad difficult, wouldn't it? ), or Anti-Mittani, or anti-anything for that matter. The fact is I'm not anti-anything.

I'm pro Eve. And even more importantly than that, I am Pro-Independence. I support free thought, free expression and freedom from tyranny. I am a proud independent thinker. That's why I am a Pirate in-game and why out of game this blog will always maintain its independence. When you read these words you can rest assured that no one is behind the scenes pulling my strings. ( And that isn't to imply that others are having their strings pulled. Not necessarily at least. Please try and grow up. )

I'm not afraid of anything. I'm certainly not afraid to stand up and yell, "The Emperor has no clothes!" I can be quite annoying about it.

I've been careful not to mention anyone by name, but since he has broken that in his latest post, I will say this about Marc. He is in the picture that heads this blog. Look up there. See him? Personally I think that says enough about how I feel about him. Remember, it was me that handed the EBP off to him back in March. That should say something as well.

This wasn't personal. It never is with me. I don't believe in making things personal. Believe it or not I have friends that are Goons, friends in CVA, -A-, and all over the Eve landscape. Eve is better for having a diverse, vital and engaged community both out of game and in-game.

I will continue to do what I can to improve and promote Eve and the community that supports it. I will continue to create artwork for anyone in Eve, which I have been doing for the past three years. Goons, CVA, -A-, anyone, anywhere. I will continue to stand up for what I think is wrong, organizing the community under Twitter Hats, Frills, Death Races, Frigate FFA's, and I will continue to mock things that need to be mocked. Like micro-transactions and gold ammo. I've been doing these things for a long time and I won't stop.

I don't actually believe that any website can kill the Eve Blogging Community. That is kind of ridiculous. So much so, that I thought it was self-evident. I often mis-judge these things. But I do still maintain that the accumulation of power into fewer and fewer hands is inherently bad for everyone. In-game and out-of-game. In that sense I am against large, tyrannical power-blocs. I was against the Blue North for that very reason. It isn't good for Eve. And The Mittani website, in my opinion, perfectly represents that. Eventually I will be proven right about that. And I know I'm not the only one that feels this way.

The important thing here is that the community is galvanized and in motion. New and exciting services are in the works. People are thinking. Filling gaps. Providing.

Sticks and stones. But as I said yesterday, Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Keep the courage my friends.