A History of Violence

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Fear not faithful readers. We are moving on down the road one step at a time. You can help by remembering a few important lessons from the past week:

1. The Tusker Code is forfeit.
2. ^^
3. And BOYCOTT the event this weekend.
4. Rixx takes friendships, real and virtual, seriously.

That's it. The rest is entertainment constructed for your amusement. I didn't ask for these things to happen, they happened because other people felt they needed to happen. All I did was bring them to your attention, mock those responsible and drag their storied name thru the muck. Which I had promised to do. So no one should be surprised.

For the record, Sully is a great PvPer ( total respect on that front ) but he is not a CEO. Especially not for the Tuskers. In a nutshell.

It says it all right over there in the blog's mission statement ------>
"Eve + Propaganda = Eveoganda. Your one-stop Eve Magazine and gateway to the Eve Community, for over four years Eveoganda has been raising Hell, taking names and openly mocking things that need to be mocked. All in the name of fun, adventure and internet spaceships."

Drama is all about perspective. When the protestors have you trapped in the office building downtown, are they protesting something you agree with... or something you oppose?  The answer certainly affects how you choose to escape the office, doesn't it?  Does either side of your own personal agreement either elevate or diminish the passion of the protestors? Of course not. Your agreement or dissent is really of no importance to them, at least on a grand scale. That is how strongly they believe.

I've been protesting since before this blog began, in fact my experience doing so on the behalf of my first Alliance, was what inspired me to start this blog in the first place. Just ask CVA. I bet there are Tuskers clicking that link and giving thanks I wasn't really, really angry.

Sometimes people agree with me and sometimes they don't. Sometimes the cause is popular and sometimes it isn't. And sometimes, like with Frills on Vagabonds, I have to "create" the popularity by sticking to my guns and not giving up. Despite the constant calls to "move on" and "chill out". Even for a losing cause. Because I believe it is right. Not because you do.

Agree with me or not. But when you come here to spend some time with me, rest assured I am giving you everything I have. I am passionate about Eve both in-game and out. And I care about the community that I am a part of.

Call it whatever you want. The accusations of "drama" only make me laugh. Life is drama. And Eve is built on drama. Drama is created when two forces meet, in agreement or conflict. Be it Pirate, carebear, miner, pro or newbie, drama springs from friction. And without friction there can be no resolution.


Enjoy your weekend. When I was kicked I told my wife this weekend would be free, no reason for me to attend the FFA. So we made plans to spend the weekend on a small trip we've been wanting to take. And as much as I love my readers, Eve and this community... well you can imagine the rest.

You guys are on the list, but your not anywhere near the top of it.

Monday I will reveal the next step on Rixx's adventure. Until then, keep the courage.


  1. I'm just finding out about this stuff today. I'm amazed that there were no comments/replies to any of these posts. Were they deleted or ?

    1. They were lost when I switched the site over to the Dynamic Layout it has now. It seemed like a good time to do it and erase all the stupid bad blood that people had spewed during that time.


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