Dirty Mittens

A funny thing happened yesterday and I think we can all use a nice break. So I shall relate a small, insignificant and humorous tale to distract you from the supposed "drama" of revealing the sullied truth regarding the once proud Tusker Code.


Anytime you think your friendly neighborhood Pirate blogger is full of drama, uses propaganda to achieve his goals or is a megalomaniac, please remember the gentleman who goes by the catchy and menacing moniker "Mittens". My efforts pale in comparison to his devious, self-aggrandizing and pompous platitude-filled carreer. And I totally respect that.

Stage set.

Enter Mittens from stage left:

I'm telling ya, it was a bit like Zeus stepping down from Mt. Olympus to try and make a Demi-God with me before realizing men don't work like that. Biology not being one of Zeus strong points. The clouds-parted and "the one who must not be named" spoke. I was prepared for wisdom, a sharing of mutual well-dones, but instead he sounded more like the head of a once cool and hip corporation who sold his soul to the stock-holders and now must answer to the big-bucks. Fee fi fo fum! I smell the blood of an Irish mun.

Even weirder, his tweet was in response to a tweet of mine in which I stated the real purpose of my stance regarding the un-fair booting of a fellow Tusker, "I would burn down my blog and ruin my reputation for my friends. What would you do for yours?"

Pot: "Hey Kettle? You are so black!"
Kettle: "No way dude?!"

Does anyone even say "kiddo" these days? I'm guessing I'm at least ten years older than him. Very strange. But funny.


Since it seems there are those still struggling with the actual reality of Eve, let me be the first to illuminate a very minor truth for you. Here goes. Calling for a BOYCOTT of the upcoming FFA hurts no one. In fact, it actually promotes the event. Sure there will be those that stay home, which means they don't get blowed up by boosted T3 gangs. So they don't get hurt. But more importantly the event itself got a tremendous amount of exposure it wasn't going to get otherwise. Heck, I'd be surprised if MORE people didn't show up on Sunday. ( May 5th, 18:00 - 24:00 in Aeschee btw! )

Its a win-win for everyone. I get to illuminate the continued disregard for the vaunted Tusker Code, which was the real point of yesterday's post, and my friends in the Tuskers get to benefit from the twenty thousand people that read the post yesterday. Not to mention that now everyone is mad at me and whatnot. That's the extra nuts on top! ( Nothing gets the troops rallied like good natured hate. Just look at all the Tusker comments yesterday's post got! )

You may be feeling a tad scared right now. Seeing behind the curtain can do that to you. But relax. You are in good hands.

You're welcome by the way. Now kick Sully.

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