Estel Arador Corp Services [EACS]

I feel I owe a shout-out to EACS this morning.

I was taken aback a tad yesterday when I realized I only had Corporation Management trained to level IV - which means the maximum number of members I could allow into Stay Frosty was 40.

Uh, we were already looking at that close to 40 members half-way thru the day yesterday! And I know of at least 5-6 more on the way. Gulp. I dropped the skill I was training and started training CM to level V... but it is a 4d+ skill.

Then one of my pilots recommended EACS. I was skeptical at first, this is Eve after all. So I asked about them on Twitter and the response was overwhelmingly positive. With that feedback in mind I contacted them and waited. It took a few hours for them to get back to me, but once they did the entire process took about five minutes! And it went off without a hitch. No problems at all. And it didn't cost me a dime.

Now I can have up to 6,300 members in the Corp. I doubt that will ever be an issue, but one never knows for sure, does one?

As much as we hear about bad things in Eve, players taking advantage of other players, it is important to make mention of the good that also happens. I was fully prepared to scream foul here on the blog if things hadn't gone well - so I feel I owe them the same for things going so well.

For Jumpclone services, faction boosting, Corp update and Alliance creation I highly recommend the folks at EACS.

Stay Frosty.


  1. So... I'm slow. What exactly did they do? I've only used them for jump clones.

    1. I'm assuming had one of their toons join corp, be given CEO, and then update how many members the corp can have using that new CEO's skills.

    2. Exactly. They maxed the Corp limits skills and then turned CEO back to me in less than two minutes.

    3. Ahhhhh! I get it! For a moment there I was "but, what do they DO". I assume they charged you ISK for this very valuable service?

      You know who also works wonders? The Frogs. I tried BalckFrog Freights to move my shit from null-sec up to my new home in low and it was quick, efficient and had a comfortable price to it. Eve is a cesspool of villains and scoundrels but there are a few honest people running honest businesses.

    4. EACS doesn't charge for any of their services. They also offer POS standings for free! Pretty amazing.

      Black Frog is awesome!

    5. As the other commenter noted, no charge for this service. And yes, I've used Black Frog and Red Frog myself, they are also amazing.

    6. No ISK? That's...
      I cannot turn off the claxons in my brain. Everything about that screams "scam", but all the reviews scream "legit".
      I'm so confused...

  2. Not that this post and these comments aren't glowing enough, but I have known Estel in game for 4 years now, and can attest to all the good things said here.

    Highly recommended!

  3. I used them to make my first few jump clones, i can only recommend them.
    They offer a lot of great services for free.


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