Old School Pirates

Yesterday Marc Scaurus from Malefactor joined our merry band of malcontents, which brings our total membership to around 15, give or take a few people still waiting in stasis. With about 4-5 more waiting to move assets, or otherwise need a week or two. I suspect by the end of next week we'll be looking at twenty or twenty-five members.

OPEN recruitment remains open until Odyssey lands. And yes, open means open. The only person I haven't accepted was a five-minute old player yesterday. I recommended they live a little first before taking the plunge in piracy. While young players are fine, I think you need some seasoning first. I don't want anyone getting frustrated and quitting Eve. Not on my watch.

I'd like to be at around 30 members by the time Odyssey hits. When building a new pirate Corporation you have to account for about 30% fall-off, those that join in a flurry and then realize the pirate life isn't everything they thought and decide to leave. This isn't my first time and we've already seen some of this. But those that remain, the ones that toughen up, take pirating to heart, accept the challenges of solo and small gang life... they are the core around which we start to build a successful Old School Pirate Corp.

Old School? Think Tuskers from four years ago. Heck, think about any great pirate corp from years ago, before they grew up and starting flying boosters in every gang, or joined Shadow, or started hot-dropping everyone, or bought a Titan. ( Despite what some think, this is not a criticism, everything changes.) If you can't think back that far let me help you, Frigate and Small Gang PvP. Men and machines. Sprinkle in a Battlecruiser gang every once in awhile, some derpy Cruiser gangs and a heaping helping of LOL Gangs! Remember those? Let's all put lasers on our Ferox's and go find trouble.

Oh sure, of course there are other people doing this somewhere. I'm sure my commenters will point them out. And that's great, we need more. I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel here. Just trying to go back to basics and do so in a way that lasts, that is casual and without politics and bullshit getting in the way.

It isn't going to be easy of course. Duh. We'll probably suck pretty hard at first. But for those willing to stick with it, well, the sky is the limit. Who knows where it'll go?

I don't. That's why we need you. It's a sandbox and we can build something, but only if you come and play.

Join EVEOGANDA in-game channel and let's talk about it.

See you in the funny papers.


  1. BALEX happily welcomes you to the big pirate lowsec faimilly. I hope we ll have many GFs. In name of all BALEX members we wish u good luck in your future endeavour.

    Fly safe o7

  2. Glad you are back on your feet and nice to see you are building something new and cool. That said, the new website redesign sucks. I hate the look, the layout, everything. I used to use your site as a poor man's RSS feed, and now it is a chore even to read a single article. Please bring the old layout back, or get this one set up more conveniently, because this is some terrible shit.

    1. Well change is difficult. Not everyone will like it, but mostly the feedback has been extremely positive. It was time to change and go with the times, this is HTML5, dynamic and will only get better as google ads more functionality. The old layout is just that, old. Update your browsers and get with the future. Or not. I can't please everyone.

  3. I've been in EVE since 2004 and mostly pirate since that time. Piracy back then--at least in the pirate outfits I flew in--were all about gaining isk by brute force BY ANY means. I flew with The Pirate Syndicate, which as far as I can tell, was one of the first pirate alliances before any alliance code was introduced. As expected, it crumbled when alliance code was added and everything split between TPS and Forsaken Empire in the north.

    As a pirate outfit, we controlled access to the north. We patrolled/camped both 0.0 and low-sec space. We had miners under our protection in 0.0 like a true organized crime unit where we profitted as equally from miners as we did off the back of others we killed or ransomed. Piracy back then was not just about belt roaming in small gangs of weaker ships. It was about winning. If we needed battleships, then we brought out the big guns. If we needed small hard-hitting ships, we brought out the interceptors and outran missiles like no man could.

    Anyways, just thought I bring some clarification to your oldschool piracy theory. It's pretty flawed on what used to be. Don't get it twisted with what newschool pirates say today. Very few oldschool pirates still roam the skies that are actually truly oldschool.

    1. Well my history in Eve goes back five years, so that is my frame of reference. Nothing I can do about it.

      What you describe sounds awesome and there are people still doing that today.

  4. I love piracy. I don't care if you call it old-school, new-school, whatever. It means something different to everyone. For instance, to me it means that I know what I can take and I take it. A prime example being the Gnosis we repossessed from a 2-month old character a few days ago. We convinced him that it would be better to eject and be guaranteed a safe warp out rather than losing the Gnosis AND his pod. It took the better part of a half hour from initial tackle to warping out in a slightly used Gnosis (complete with noob probing fit).

    Others believe it just means killing all the things. Or having all the fun. Or never losing. Fast frigates, a relaxed lifestyle and all the good fights you can handle are all that really matter.

    I'm glad to see you getting back to what you love and keeping it casual. Keep it up.


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