Stay Frosty Theme Song!

Stay Frosty Album Cover
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Over on Roc's Ramblings you can read about how the great Roc Weiler is approaching his recent decision to come and fly with us in Stay Frosty. Never one to be satisfied with just joining like a normal person, Roc has also composed an incredibly wonderful and powerful Stay Frosty theme song for us! I hear rumors and rumblings that this might just be the beginning of a entirely new mini-album, so stay tuned while you stay frosty!

We're collecting a nice compliment of Eve Bloggers, Twitchers, Video makers and amazing, passionate and determined pilots. As always, our recruitment is entirely open and we will always have a spot reserved just for you.

I strongly believe we are building something truly powerful here and I am excited about it, about Eve and about the future in ways that I have never been before. Where will this path lead? That isn't the point, as I've said many times it is the journey - not the destination - that is worth living. And we are embarked on an incredible journey.

So pack your bags. Join our in-game channel EVEOGANDA. Get those apps in and let's get busy making things explode!

Keep the courage.


  1. You should create a stay frosty sub page with links to all the twitch, video's, music and blogs of all the stay frosty members.

    1. Stop reading my mind!! Hate when you do that, so creepy

  2. Replies
    1. WOrking on it. Collecting links in our forums.

  3. Normal is overrated. Besides, music is just one way I explore myself ...