I am an Eve Blogger

Over four years, thousands of posts, hundreds and hundreds of Eve related art pieces, community support, activism, and journal entires later... yes, I am an Eve Blogger.

You might think this statement would be obvious by now. But you'd be wrong. Apparently there is a percentage of the Eve population that feels I am unaware of this fact. They must, since they seem determined to point it out to me at every opportunity.

Not a day goes by inside of New Eden, or here on the blog, or in an email, where some kind soul doesn't feel it incumbent upon them to remind me that I am indeed - an Eve Blogger.
Nine times out of ten they do so with extreme passion, dedication and very colorful language. They can be very creative. If not horribly obvious.

I suspect some of them must be telling me this because they believe it is an actual insult. I know, I know. But what other conclusion can I come to when they couch this obvious revelation in such gross, obnoxious and juvenile terms? I don't think they mean it as a compliment. ( Some do of course, but those are minus the above mentioned curses and filth.)

And yes, I am being sarcastic to make a point.

Your insults do not matter to me. I am aware of being a Blogger. I've put a tremendous amount of time, effort and energy into being one. I do so for myself, and no one else. I aim to please me. Not you. If I was out to be popular or further some personal cause, I would never have lasted so long. Most Eve bloggers do not last. Believe me, I've seen them come and go like the wind over the years. I've lasted because I do my own thing, I tell the truth as I see it and I try to have fun doing so.

It just so happens that a lot of people seem to enjoy what I write and what I draw and what I care about.  Why? Because there are people, like me, that love Eve. That have always wanted what I've always wanted, our game to be the best it can be and for others to discover it with us.

You can't insult that. Well, you can and you will. But it doesn't matter. In fact, I like it. It means I'm doing something right. If I annoy some of you then well done on my part. I'm not out to win a popularity contest.

I'm just here to tell the truth as I see it. Like it or lump it.


  1. Oh noes, being a blogger is considered a bad thing? Rixx, why didn't you tell us this before! Quick, let me delete my blog immediately so that I can conform to the desires of anonymous internet spaceship pilots!

    1. Apparently some people consider it an insult. They must think it is a pretty bad one, given how often they hurl it at me. lol

    2. Weird... I have never had anyone prang me for bloggin. I actually love it when we're on our way to or from an Op and I get a shout out in local. Rixx, it aint yer bloggin bro, it's yer piratical ways what's got 'em upset I'm a thinkin... =]

      Eff 'em (and blog about 'em too) if they can't take a gank... Frosty the Gunman! =]

  2. Dammit, your secret is out, forever more it will be known that Rixx the blogger blogs.

    1. I cannot hide any longer!! I am out of the proverbial closet!

  3. Hi My name is EVE SOB and I have had an eve blogging problem since Friday, January 15, 2010...



  4. And here I thought you were doing it all to please me. I'm full of disappointment.

  5. Rix:

    Speaking of issues the cute menu bar that pops out when you mouse to right side of the screen makes it very difficult to scroll down...just saying

  6. Good blog Rixx. Yes you do have plenty of readers who appreciate it, despite the idiots and haters being the loudest.

    And also good self awareness. You are right that bloggers seeking attention or affirmation tend not to last. I'm glad you have kept doing what you love.


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