Sink or Swim: Open Recruitment

As Stay Frosty rapidly approaches the rather unbelievable milestone of 100 members, which we should reach in the next week or so, I thought it was time to address the idea behind our Open Recruitment policy.

Such an idea seems counter-intuitive based on Eve's history and the lessons we've all learned playing in this sandbox. It might work for RvB, for example, but building an entire Pirate corporation on an open door policy... well that's just borderline absurd.

Yes. It is. Which is one of the major reasons it is working so well. It doesn't make sense, it is counter-intuitive and it flies in the face of everything we know about Eve. Ha!

Granted this approach wouldn't work for everyone. Part of the reason it does work is because it is me doing it. I have this platform I've built and by extension the out-reach of that platform on Twitter and other places. I haven't touched the forums with a recruitment message, not a single one of them. That is also critical to the success of this approach, keeping it "in-house" as much as possible. Word of mouth, friendships, readership - those are the work horses that have been spreading the message initially.

None of this would be worth a hill of beans however, if it wasn't for another important fact - Stay Frosty is exactly as advertised. It isn't different once you get in, we aren't pulling your leg. In fact, it is even better when you get there, than you thought it would be. And as the days go on, our members are becoming friends, making connections, growing together and all that other sappy crap that actually makes a Corporation really, really work. And the eye opening bits, the relaxed atmosphere, the no-bullshit attitude, the desire to teach, share and undock and friggin' have fun? Well, that's all real. This isn't a smoke and mirrors job. We are really like that.

It isn't for everyone. We have had a few people leave us, I don't want Stay Frosty to be for everyone. It is a very specific kind of play-style and life, this pirate thing. Or whatever you want to call it. It shouldn't be for everyone. I don't think I could handle 500,000 members anyway! Plus, who would we shoot then?

That is the Sink or Swim basis of the final product. I haven't tried to convince anyone.  You want to join? Welcome aboard. Either you like it or you don't. If it doesn't work for you then it doesn't work for you. No harm no foul.

Personally I'm having a blast. Stay Frosty is going extremely well and I couldn't be happier with all of our pilots. They are learning, sharing and generally not hanging around spinning-ships and waiting for something to happen to them. They are undocking and making something happen to someone else. And that, that is the difference between a sad, pitiful, unrewarding Eve experience and one full of adventure. In my humble opinion at least.

Want to talk? Join the EVEOGANDA in-game channel. It is always open. Just like us.


  1. Some corps take themselves way too seriously with recruitment. I think the way you are doing things is the 'cool' way, the correct way and by far the most interesting way of moulding a corp.

    Every new app is like unwrapping a present. You never know what you're gonna get, and sometimes you best pray you kept the receipt cos sometimes a faulty parcel slips through the door. :)

    Back in the very early days of r1fta the only people I recruited were people with cool names. That was fun. I even stopped pilots and convo'd them on gates into trade hubs if I thought they had the fitting name for the corp.... "say, this is an odd request but I quite like your name ... would you like to join my corp?"

    1. I'd never heard that "cool name bro" story before, that is awesome!

      I figured on a bad egg or two along the way,but so far we've been very fortunate. But given the way we're set-up it shouldn't have as much impact as it would on other types of corporations. Plus, as you know, once everyone really gets onboard it makes it harder and harder for others to spoil the pot. Your members become your greatest asset.

  2. good article like your Open Recruitment policy...keep it up


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