Eve Dumb Ways to Die Parody

You can hear the song by clicking this link.

A little over a month ago I stumbled across a video and then an app called "Dumb Ways to Die" which quickly became popular around my house. Like wildfire my younger boys watched it over and over and over again. I may have been driven slightly insane by the amount of repeated listenings that echoed throughout my house.

And then I mentioned on Tweetfleet that someone should do an Eve parody of the song. Seeing as there are Minecraft parodies and "other" parodies already out there, an Eve-centric one seemed like a no-brainer. ( I also posted about it here. )

The extremely talented and silken voiced Sindel Pellion immediately jumped at the chance and so began a truly strange journey of madness and creativity and "oh my god what have I gotten myself into" that resulted in a truly great song wrapped in a rather silly animated video. It also seemed to serve as a trigger for a rather horrible personal journey that made this Summer one of the worst in recent memory out here in real life. And one of the busiest Summer's in-game. An odd and often perplexing combination of events.

All I know is that I've literally listened to this song a gazillion times, I've snuck video-editing into countless lunch hours, kids getting ready for bed and early morning coffee times which all culminated in a insane ten hour stretch yesterday. And this is the result. There are over 200 drawings, illustrator graphics and out-lined ships in well over 120 layers in 17+ comps and, I'm guessing, about 40 hours of work in there somewhere. And all I can see are the dozens and dozens of places where I wish I had more time. But, as someone smarter than me once said, art is never completed only abandoned. And so it eventually has to be given to you to enjoy.

Eventually the song will stop ringing in my head and the details will cease meaning so much and I'll be able to watch it with fresh eyes. Until then it is no longer mine, no longer Sindel's, it is yours.

A very special thank you to Sindel for taking this on and being so amazingly patient while I struggled thru life and tried to squeeze a silly little video in-between some extremely serious challenges. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you. And just how well the song really did turn out. ( She worries it as much as I worried my part. )

And to all of tweetfleet, who sorta kinda knew what was going on and waited patiently as well.

And to all of my readers and friends, who put up with my weirdness this Summer. And especially my wife who thinks I am a nut job, but loves me anyway.

Thanks everyone. Now you can have this thing in your head for the next month.


  1. i don't like the original but this makes me smile:) very good job,both of you, thanks!

  2. I was hoping to hear Rixx's tones in there too. :)

  3. Awwwww! Thank for for saying all that-- I didn't even have to pay you! Rixx, there is no one else in the universe I would've wanted to go on this journey with. Your video is amazing. I appreciate all the effort you put into making this song come to life!


  4. This is flippin' brilliant:)

  5. Damn. Shut up and Take my ISK!

  6. nice, very nice Rixx.


  7. Thanks everyone! Just happy to be finally able to share this one with everyone, been looking at all by myself for over a month!

  8. Absolutly amazing and well worth the wait! Can we get some wall papers of those dancing pods?

    1. Oh interesting idea. I'll take care of that shortly.

    2. Done: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12832008@N04/9395496487/

  9. Nice to see 2 of my favorite EVE folks teaming up.

  10. Hahaha.. I love this game.
    Yup, Dumb Ways To Die is very frustating and complicated game for me.
    Do you know how to solve the astronout with his helmet?
    Please tell me. Thanks.



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