Just a quick post on this the day after America celebrated its independence from Mother England. There are several efforts swirling around the "Eve Community" at the moment. I won't bother linking them here, you probably already have them, read them or otherwise are aware of them. If not, then whatever, bully for you.

As most of my long term readers will know by now, I am proudly independent and not much of a joiner. Rather I am a supporter. As such I will continue to support whatever efforts these various and sundry "centralization" projects amount to. I've already provided design and art to one or two of them and would be happy to do so for any others.

But this Eve Magazine will remain, now and forever, independent and fiercely proud of it.

I'm more than happy to have my blog listed, summarized, linked, pulled, misquoted, placed on EN24 or TMC(!lol!) or any other site. But the one of a kind original never to be duplicated Eveoganda is right here and won't be going anywhere.

I have my own personal feelings regarding many of these efforts but I am not going to step in the way of anyone giving something a try. I wish them each well and look forward to seeing Eveoganda listed on each of them.

I will continue to participate in the Blog Banters, the EBP, or whatever else comes down the road. I just won't be now, or ever, selecting one over another. This is one major reason why I stay independent. I have enough readers already and I don't write for numbers anyway.

God bless Eve. God bless you one and all.


  1. So you're one of those "In'e'pen'ents" too. I hear we're supposed to wear brown coats.

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