June 2013 in the Books

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June was a significant month for Stay Frosty, we went from just shy of 30 members to just shy of 90. As you can probably imagine that included a tremendous amount of growing pains, moving of assets, organization, training, set-up and everything else that goes along with so many new members. Yeah, I didn't get to undock as much as I like, CEO duties and whatnots.

It was the first full month of the corporation however and the awards are tallied on the killboard. If you know me at all, you probably already know how proud I am that my name isn't at the top of these lists. I'm much happier when the corp is doing well and other pilots are far exceeding what my limited play-time can bring us, I'd much rather not be at the top of any lists.

For the month SF was 1,024 kills to 680 losses, for a efficiency of 64%. Which is much closer to the 70% we'd like to be running with. I expect we'll hit closer to that mark in the coming month. Personally I was 65-17 for the month, with 21 solo kills.

As more and more of our pilots settle in our killboard is really starting to come alive and you'll find Stay Frosty members in all corners of New Eden's low-sec regions. We are not sitting around on our asses and farming local, our members are active, engaged and moving far and wide to find kills. I like that.

Here are just a few of the highlights from last month:

Vengeance vs Jaguar

2.6 Billion Pod

Ratting Orca

Hyperion Caught

Condor kills Comet

Jaguar catches Thrasher

Frigates kill Drake

Slicer nabs Naga

Firetail explodes expensive Cruor

Caracal Navy goes boom

For more great kills and stupid losses, please visit our killboard. We are horrible, terribad pirates that are chillin' and dealin'.

If you suck at Eve and want to experience truly laid-back undock and die PvP with a great group of awesome pilots, join our channel EVEOGANDA and put in an app. It really is just that easy.

Stay Frosty.

PS: And yes, I rewarded Joffy's amazing run by naming him our Corp Diplomat. So be sure to whine and bitch about your losses to him. Not me, ok?


  1. Grats to all. Anyway, nice pod kill Rixx. I wonder why a guy who is red travels around with +2bill implants lol. I guess he must of cried from that one hehe.

    1. There was a Cap fight in Loes yesterday, I'm thinking he was coming back from that most likely.


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