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Saturday Stay Frosty hit the two month mark. Sometimes it seems so much longer than that, but other times it feels like we're just getting started. Both of those are equally true at the same time. I never imagined the reaction two months ago emerging from the chaos swirling around that time, but 110+ pilots later I can only be astonished by the results.

So many new friends, old friends, and amazing, talented and enthusiastic people have answered the call - it is truly a unique collection of glorious misfits. Whatever is happening is bigger than me, I know that. I am just the lightning rod for a movement of forces beyond my control. Which is a pretty amazing thing.

So now what?

Lol. Buckle up baby, we've only just begun.

PS: Pardon the short post today, I am a very busy man and if I don't finish something Sindel will drive up here and crush my head!


  1. Now that we're back from a 1,750 mile driving adventure, I'll be moving in and buying some of those wonderful corp contract ships.

  2. Congratulations to you and your Frosties!

    They're grrreat!


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