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Forgive me. I'm very busy today and I posted this the other day but it was buried by the random layout generator and I thought it turned out pretty damn awesome so I'm posting it again, so sue me but its my site and I can do whatever I want. That's the kind of day I'm having.


  1. heh, im not usually such a bitcher :) ... but light sources on head and body (neck) are in opposite directions :)
    but nonetheless im glad you are having fun :)

    1. Sorry, you wasted your bitch. You may not believe this but more than one light source is possible. I looked thru dozens of source photos before I found the perfect one to match the light sourceS present in the avatar. It was so perfect in fact that the shadow on the neck is actually both the avatar's and the original photos shadow. They aligned perfectly. Also the body is dark in the same places as the head.

      Nice try though.

    2. LOL thre are a lotta things I might critique you over Rixx... but graphics aint one of them! and I started out as a graphics tech... =]

    3. Now I'm curious about what some of the others might be?

    4. well, than i stand corrected :)
      i know mr. rix is sort of gfx wizard so i felt it would be amusing to point out some (im-my-eyes) inconsistencies. i did not mean to critique work in a serious way :)
      i still feel something is strange in that portrait, though dont know what exactly (now when i am corrected on light sources). :) have a nice day!

    5. Don't feel bad or anything. There is plenty "strange" about that portrait, it is after all an Eve avatar's head on a real world body and despite my master level certified abilities and decades of experience, there is only so much I can do about that. Or would want to frankly. It is after all, part of its charm.


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