5 Years: Part Two

Five years. 1,825 days.

2,605 Kills. 438 of which were pods.

523 Losses. 80 of which were pods.
(I've only lost 10 pods in the last year.)

173 Billion ISK destroyed.

26 Billion ISK lost.

I am currently right around 95m sp, training a long skill at the moment. Like always these days.

Corporation History in Order:

• Phoenix Industrial-Technologies
Great place to have started playing Eve

• Dusty Death Enterprise
Good PvPers and FloridaJ

• Inglorious Basterds
Don't start a Merc Corp when you are young.

• Dusty Death Enterprise (2)
Back to Providence!

AWOXed to Death

• Tropical Killer Bananas
One day was enough

• Setenta Corp
Back to Providence.

• Dissonance Corp
One of the best corps in Eve

• Smegnet Incorporated
I stayed in Provi to fight

• Unforgiven Blood
Had to leave Provi cause we lost that fight

• More-Cowbell
Great Wildlands used to be great

• Lucifer's Hammer
I needed to make ISK

• m3 Corp
Back to Provi with Paxton

• Dissonance Corp (2)
The Spire, Syndicate and a new Alliance

• Lucifer's Hammer (2)
Oh boy that was fun while it lasted and I became a pirate

• Macabre Votum
It was a confusing time

• Lucifer's Hammer (3)
I'll just hide here for a minute

• The Tuskers
Great people, terrible management

• Lucifer's Hammer (4)
I'll just hide here for a minute

• Stay Frosty
Best idea, like, ever!!

I've blown up 567 Frigates and lost 157 of the darn things, making them my most killed and lost ship class. Which is awesome. Next would be BCs with 364 exploded and 65 lost. Destroyers are next with 207 exploded and only 17 lost. You can see the full list for yourself.

I still haven't managed to get on a Titan, Black Ops, Dread, JF, or Super Carrier kill mail. Doing so is not a goal of mine, if it was I'd have done it already. But it would be nice if it happened at some point.

I do not have any over-arching goals when it comes to my play in Eve now. There is no end-game for me. What I do have are a series of smaller goals for short-term and slightly longer-term play. This, I have found, is the way to approach playing Eve. I want to continue to improve my PvP personally. I feel that I have made tremendous progress in that area during the last two years and I would like to continue doing that. For me, that has never been about numbers. I'd rather have a few good fights each month. I don't play Eve to accumulate statistics.

I'd like Stay Frosty to continue to thrive and for all of our pilots to enjoy their time in the Corp. We have a great group and I am proud of each and every one of them. They are the reason I log on every day and I can't wait to fly with them again.

I am proud of my history in Eve. I haven't wasted the past five years and I haven't gotten stuck in the nostalgia loop yet. Eve is better today than it has ever been and I am having more fun now than I ever have. So that is some good trending stuff for ya.

I've run two DeathRace events, helped with three FFAs, a dozen or so other smaller events - like Thukk You! Frill Me!, or the Hunt for Rixx Javix. And generally been an agitator, pain-in-the-butt, sand in the oyster player that causes trouble wherever he goes. Many people mistakenly deem this attitude "drama", which is really their way of saying "I don't understand you." I'm easy to understand. I don't want my time in-game to be wasted time. I want things to happen. And if you are not making them happen, then I will. Nothing difficult about that. I enjoy living in interesting times.

I've created thousands of pieces of artwork for the Eve community and the players that play the game. I'm trying to get that process worked out a little better and get thru the pile that is staring me in the face every day. It was easier when I had my own business and I didn't have to give priority to other projects that pay the bills out here in real life. But I'm working on it.

Stay Frosty will continue to grow and I'm very excited about that. We will be putting together more live events and in-game content for all players to enjoy. Who knows what else will happen?

It has been a great five years. Four of those I've spent here on EVEOGANDA writing thousands of words, drawing silly pictures, making fun, poking fun, rallying the players, demanding our Frills, standing up for what is right, mocking those that need to be mocked, and generally having a blast.

This will be the 1,095th post I've written. Even at an average of 250 words each ( which is probably very low ) that is nearly 300,000 words about Eve. Sheesh.

And just like in-game, I think the blog is better than ever. And I hope you agree. Someone must, since readership and visitors are higher than ever. I don't talk about statistics but I will tell you that last month we passed the five millionth visitor to the site, which I have no context for. lol. No idea what that means, how it relates, or anything else.

The last five years are in the can.

Time to start making new memories. cya in space.


  1. Your five years seem to have more stuff in it than my five years. I guess that is the true sign of

    "I'm doing it wrong"

    I should fix that.

    1. Well you could just come and hang out with me in Stay Frosty y'know. <3

  2. Nice write-up, it's been interesting to peek behind the veil that is Rixx Javix. I enjoy the blog very much, had a blast in Stay Frosty and look forward to what's in store for all of us in the future. Keep it up!

  3. Grats old man! Interesting read.


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