Rude Awakening

This man thinks you're a commie!
I have two job interviews today, so it has been a rather busy and stressful day. I mention that as context and perspective to what I am about to write. Not as an "excuse" for anything. I don't make excuses.

But I woke up this morning to half-a-dozen attacks on Twitter that had arrived while I slept. Over coffee I wrote the "Warp Speed" post and then replied in my own defense to those tweets.

I want to plainly state that at no time have I opinionated or editorialized on the issue regarding the gifting of ships to certain parties by CCP. The other day I felt it incumbent upon myself to "come clean" in regards to the one gift that CCP gave me once. The same gift they gave lots of us by the way. I was being sarcastic and humorous. But even in that article I made it clear that I thought CCP probably crossed the line.

My history of not only calling CCP to task for things, but also doing something about it, is quite clear and readily available. I owe no one an apology for my own actions in defense of Eve on many, many occasions.

And so it was that I awoke to several misguided and strangely personal attacks on Twitter this morning. Tweets which I naturally responded to, as I always do. I had been charged with some serious accusations which ranged from "you don't respect the sandbox" to "you are a douche". In reply to the name-calling, some of which was in good spirit, I simply replied with facts. Those facts are that 15,000 ships a day are exploded in New Eden (2010 numbers), which equates to about 5 million or more a year. That is a fact. It provides context. Perspective. And it is true.

Does it change anything about the current incident? Nope. Does it change Rixx's mind when it comes to the current incident? Nope.

You want to solve problems, you are going to need solutions. Pushing CCP into a corner is not a solution. And you will achieve nothing other than damaging the game you profess to love more than it already has been. If you can't see that clearly, then I'm not sure I can help you.

I've written over 16,000 tweets about Eve in the last two years and not once have I been reduced to name calling. But I came close this morning. I could have been an advocate on this issue. I could have helped in many ways. But I've decided to sit this one out. There is an agenda here that I am not comfortable with, driven in large part by people who seem to have no issue with using personal attacks to gain advantage. And a few that don't even play Eve any more. This concerns me.

Past advocacy efforts have been successful because they built consensus among the community, not by driving a wedge thru its heart. And, I am forced to admit, that is exactly what some are doing. Just try and express a thought, an opinion, or a perspective that is different than theirs - and see what happens to you.

Or just ask Ripard.
Or my good friend Roc.

Or to quote my comment from another thread:

"You are making out like I'm on someone's side here and I am not. So stop doing that. Well, granted I am on Eve's side as I always am. As I've stated before, many times, I am actually against gambling. So let's start there. I believe it corrupts and that is all that it does. Those are facts proven time and time again. Secondly, I do not support the gifting of ships to 'for-profit 3rd parties' for any reason and I've never stated that I do.

I do however strongly support the involvement of CCP in their game and with their community. I support that because it is good for Eve and it is good for the community. While I agree CCP is most likely in error on this incident, the entire story has not been revealed and the facts are not in. Starting a witch hunt based on the available facts, over a singular incident is not wise. Especially when the result could easily be the further withdrawing of CCP from the community."


  1. I've been sitting on the sidelines amused by the entire thing (well maybe slightly alarmed by the secrecy thing and the nature of Somer) and saw your tweet kick off this morning. I think, given the passion some people have for the issue, it was the second half of your tweet that caused some furore this morning. I was certainly surprised by it coming from you as I generally look forward to your amiable pseudo trolling. Though perhaps a natural response in light of getting an evenings worth of tweeted insults, I think it just poured some oil on the fire. At this point some party is going to be offended by ANY opinion or fact which can be debated (how many of that 15000 ships would it take to pay for 1 scorp worth of ISK for example - and that's just me not even trying, and ISK isn't even the issue).

    Maybe rather than digging yourself deeper (be honest, you did a little bit and pictures of Mccarthy won't help), sit on the sidelines, enjoy the popcorn and wait for the CCP response? Or maybe this is a more elaborate form of your usual content creation technique?

    Either way, fly safe

    7o (I moved to BNI!)

    1. As with most things, I have to react to events as they unfold. My intention was to write an editorial post about this issue when I got back from my first interview today. The "Warp Speed" post being merely a place-holder until then.

      My day was de-railed slightly by the fervor that greeted my on twitter and the quick escalation of name calling. I was rather quickly pushed into a corner as being some kind of CCP apologist, which is simply bizarre.

      I thought I was pretty clear in the previous "coming clean" post about my feelings on this issue, which is why the second half of that tweet included the "just read" comment.

      Oil/fire/pot/kettle/ whatever. Personally I don't understand the amount of anger but I do appreciate the point. I happen to agree to CCP probably crossed a line, but I would like more information before stringing them up to a tree.

  2. Rixx, I think CCP should award you with an IWS just for the amount of entertainment I've had reading Twitter today. :-D

    1. lolz. IF I do ever get one I will fit it up, undock it and let everyone shoot it till it explodes.

    2. Maybe fit it with the (soon) RHMLs and terrorise a frigate event.
      It may be bad, but its still a ship so deserves to die gloriously.

  3. Ignoring whatever CCP did for a second there is a right way and a wrong way to go about making your opinion heard.
    POSes: I am a small portion of the community
    Anybody remember this?

    I did a quick post yesterday on witch hunts after seeing all the finger pointing and name calling, especially at Ripard.
    To Arms My Brothers!

  4. I was just kidding around when I called you Ripard Javix.

    Concerning what happened in Twitter today, I do think Helicity was crossing the line. I was waiting for him to tell you to DIAF!!

    1. I knew you were kidding, hence the "some in good spirit" comment in the post.

      Im not sure what got under Helicity's skin but usually when people suddenly act in an unexpected manner it means they have an agenda. Considering how quickly he brought Sully into the convo, I suspect he was playing to a crowd.

  5. I really need to make a twitter account so I can be entertained. :)


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