[UPDATED] Stay Frosty Weapon Selection Guide

Stay Frosty Ammo Guide V2
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Stay Frosty pilot sumlovinclut prepared this amazing and handy guide to selecting the proper ammunition and he has agreed to let me share it with my readers.

I have a feeling this wont be the last of these, so stay tuned for more from Stay Frosty!

[UPDATED] 11.15.2013


  1. That's a cool chart. The missiles are a little wrong.

    Fury - Extra Damage/Shorter Range for Light, Heavy and Cruise Missiles
    Precision - Less Damage/Less Range, Smaller Explosion Radius, Faster Explosion for Light, Heavy and Cruise Missiles.
    Rage - Extra Damage/Shorter Range (Larger E.R., Slower Explosion) for Rockets, HAMs and Torps
    Javelin - Extra Range/Less Damage for Rockets, HAMs and Torps

    1. Cool Chart!

      Also RLML's and soon RHML's?

    2. Will update the missiles to include the correct info above from anonymous.

      Not sure about RLML's and RHML's. This is specifically for distingushing between brawling and kiting weapons. I don't want to confuse the issue with cross-class missiles, however the T2 missile variations (when corrected) should address shooting missiles at larger or smaller targets than normal.

  2. Clut, you have the Laser T2 ammo switched (Pulse<-->Beam)

  3. NIce chart. Will there a prinatable version, with like, a white background :-).


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