1v1 EVE COMIC #66

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Ok, now there is a Reddit thread about this.

As with most works of art, your personal interpretation says as much about you as it does the artist. If you are feeling uncomfortable about the phallic ship communicating his feelings towards an obviously female-centric Stargate, then that says something about you. As it does me. This panel was created specifically to generate that uncomfortable feeling. As an artist, everything I do has a purpose, meaning and intention. While I could never support or promote an attitude of violence against women, or any other race, gender or cultural perspective - that doesn't mean that I am not allowed to use the tools that modern culture has created in order to highlight specific issues related to them. I will continue to do so.

The mere existence of a thread debating the merits and intentions of this 1v1 panel comic is proof of the success of this approach. Like it, hate it, or laugh at it, that is your right and is based entirely upon your own personal perspective. A perspective that I strongly believe is your right to have. And that I support. The sexual politics at play in this simple panel is intentional. As the creator I purposely infused the panel with those common tropes to create tension and express what I found to be humorous about them.

It is, after all, intended purely as entertainment. But do not make the mistake of attaching the creator with your own personal feelings about the panel. The creator is someone you do not know and have no personal knowledge of. This single panel is not a window into his soul, his life's work, or his relationships with people. It has no deeper meaning to the Artist's personal life. It is simply a work. A work fully intended as a humorous exploration of common themes already present within the context of Eve Online.

As such, I hope you enjoy it, hate it, loath it, or otherwise feel about it as you have every right to do. That is the point.