How to Catch Plexers

The Plexer. Where do they come from? What do they want? No one knows. They are mysterious pilots whose ships haunt our Acceleration Gates throughout Low Security Space. These mysterious strangers are generally against honorable combat, employ weird fits, and run from the first sign of danger. They can be hard to catch and punish.

But fear not fellow Low Sec Warriors, I have some good news. No matter where they come from, what they are up to, or what they want - the plexer can be caught. And I am prepared to impart some wisdom when it comes to catching them and evicting them from your space.

There are two important things to know about these weirdoes. First, whatever they are doing in there is important to them. Second, it is so important that they are willing to desecrate all that is Holy and Right, by fitting the most horrible things on any ship you can imagine! Don't be surprised when that Daredevil in the Plex not only cloaks, but also has three stabs fitted!! (I know, my fingers bled typing that!)

Be ready for anything. Steel yourself for the cloaking Crow, the stabbed Atron, the aligned cloaking Venture and the 4x Stabbed Vexor.

But know that you are in control and that no matter what you face, you can win. It is gonna be frustrating, annoying, and generally weird - but if you follow the advice I'm going to give you - you will destroy them.

1. If they run away, they will come back.

Even if they see you cloak in their plex, just be patient, and 9 times out of 10 - they will come back. If you don't have a cloak of your own, just warp to a safe spot and align back. Watch your d-scan and then pounce, catch them at the Gate or warp in on top of them.

2. Alpha beats Stabs 100% of the time.

4x Stabs won't help them if you alpha their ship. Applied damage wins every single fight against a plexer. I have ships fitted without points and I get tons of kills with them. Some will slip thru your fingers, but then refer back to rule #1.

3. Multiple Points.

You can easily fit two or more scrams if need be, to counter the multiple stabs of the enemy. Just be careful, cause that ship in the plex is not always a plexer! Or, if flying in a gang, jump into the gate together and get scrams on the enemy right away.

4. The Pre-Probe Trick

It is possible to quickly probe a known cloaker inside the plex and then use that bm to burn towards when he cloaks up the next time you enter. This method takes some practice but it works extremely well if you have a talented prober with your gang.

5. Learn how to de-cloak a ship!

I grew up in Null-Sec where I learned the art of de-cloaking ships on gates my first week. Find the enemy and burn straight at him, don't use the overview to do this (if you do and he cloaks on you, your ship will give up!), instead get used to double-clicking either in space or on the overview. This will keep your ship dedicated to moving in space. Once de-cloaked, be prepared to get point quickly. Use your key commands!

6. Don't Give Up!

Remember, giving up is exactly what the plexer wants you to do. If nothing above works, move on to the next system, you can always swing back when his confidence has grown. Returning again and again is an excellent way to annoy them right back! GIve them a taste of their own medicine.

We may not understand why the plexer is there in the first place, but we do know a thing or two about removing them from our space. It can be challenging work, but in the end it is extremely rewarding. Most of the loot will be WCS, but those sell pretty well on the open market.

Last word of advice. Be careful. Lots of people are hunting plexers and that ship on scan may or may not be one. So always be prepared.

And have fun.


  1. Or you can do this

    1. Well I don't want to give away ALL mah secrets! Gotta keep some things to myself. Excellent idea btw.

    2. Another is if you have a spare slot on an alt account is to put a toon in their allied militia (not the same that is important. I am in Caldari area so have alt in Amarr Militia). I use a Breacher with dual scram, web, AB and armour repper. When he enters the plex the cloaker-pussy decloaks to show the 'friendly' this is their plex. Then burn over, point, warp in your main, kill!


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