Eveoganda's CSM9 Official Endorsements

As we do every year, the staff here at the massive Headquarters of the Eveoganda MediaPlex, which takes up most of the habitable land on Tar IV, get together and hash out our support for the upcoming Council Elections. It can take several days of heated debate to reach a general consensus, mostly due to the atmospheric conditions here on Tar IV, which have been likened to day old coffee. With a sprig of thyme.

This year is no different. Our criteria is relatively simple. We choose only the finest non-bloc candidates, who are individuals and not Bots, who think on their feet, have made the wise decision to live in Low Sec, and whose wills are easily manipulated by suggestions from Rixx. Otherwise, we have to know them personally.

So, without further fanfare, here are the official endorsements from Eveoganda. You should all just vote for these people to make things easier down the road. Voting my way ensures you won't be ganked the next time you come into Low Sec. Just sayin'.

In order of preference:

Mike Azariah
Mike survived one term as a CSM member, he can most likely survive another one. I've known Mike for over five years and he is an awesome guy and he shows up at my events. Even though he didn't come to the last one. I can forgive that slight, as long as he continues to do what I tell him.

Sugar Kyle
A vote for Sugar is a vote for the sweet taste of Low Sec! Represent!! I've also known Sugar a very long time and feel confident in my vote. Almost like I was casting it for myself. Do eet.

Mangala Solaris
Always a huge supporter and loyal friend to Stay Frosty, Mangala also deserves another term on the CSM.

Xander Phoena
Xander is an awesome guy and he always does the right thing, which is always written down for him on those notes he gets from me every week. I'm not kidding.

DJ FunkyBacon
Funky deserves to be on the CSM if for no other reason that he is a cool dood, with a cool blog and he is always nice to me when I call.

If you have to vote for one of those Null Sec wankers, it might as well be Progod. I've known him for over five years, and while he doesn't always do what I tell him to, he is still a decent guy.

The vast power and far-reaching influence of Stay Frosty and A Band Apart support these candidates for the Council of Stellar Management #9.

And we encourage you all to vote straight ticket if you know what's best for you and your loved ones.

'Nuff said. There that should be worth a cool 10,000 votes or so.


  1. Interesting list. I'm on the fence with Xander. I like Xander but there's things about him that bug me. Mainly arrogance. Also I don't believe he has a well rounded working knowledge of in game mechanics.

    I wouldn't drop even 1/2 a vote for PGL. The manner in which people come across to me plays a factor in me voting for or not for. He's a snooty little entitled arrogant fucker. Personally, I believe DNS Black would be a much much better candidate over PGL and especially over Xander.

    Bacon had and may still have my support. I learned of something on the private that I can't speak to. It has pretty much broken my trust in FB. There's some things you just don't do when you have a privileged line of communication that 99.9% of people don't have and a person breaks an unwritten rule that is so sacred it may as well be carved on your forehead. I may abstain from putting FB on my list. I haven't decided yet.

    I'm good with Sugar. ANd I am defo good with Mike. Mike is a fanfuckingtastic guy. He's my No. 1 top pick. DNS Black is my #2. From there I'll decide at the time of voting.



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