It's Ishomilken Baby

The worst kept intel this week is that Stay Frosty has moved to the bitter blackness of the Citadel system called Ishomilken. It was never intended to be a secret, as you might guess, Rixx flying around your system for two weeks is usually enough to warrant some suspicions.

As you can see from this excellent post.

The process for picking our new HQ was pretty simple really and much like throwing darts at a map. It came down to two choices, Ish and one down in Amarr FW space. (I'm not going to name that one because we will probably move there next time!) And yes, just a head's up, we move every so often. I don't know what it is about people that somehow think staying in the same damn place is good for you. But, to each his own, we don't do that.

I will settle some speculation right now and officially declare that Stay Frosty, a Corp that flies 83.6% solo, has moved to Ishomilken for the sole purpose of becoming Gate Campers! Yes, that is right. We've done nothing for the past year except dream of the day when we could all sit for hours in the darkness of space waiting for some poor unsuspecting schmuck to come thru the gate, or undock from a station. Ahh, the infinite joys of camping. My guys and gals are literally chomping at the bit, getting those HICs fitted up that the majority of them can't fly yet, and practicing not moving. Oh boy!!

Obviously that is just stoopid. Don't get me wrong, if someone yells about an Orca on the other side of a gate... well then, we might just plant ourselves on the other side! Who wouldn't?

To all our new neighbors I say "Howdy!" Let me tell you a bit about Stay Frosty. I'm bringing about 200 of the most awesome, fun-loving, crazy ass pilots to your neck of the woods. We fly to find good fights, and we will fight anything. We have no sense. We have no desire to maintain kill-board stats or efficiencies. My peeps are free to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and they always do. We range far and wide, so it is hard to tell if any of us will even be in local should you come visit. We don't hang out in the traditional sense. We fly wherever and whenever we want.

We typically fly Frigates. We fly them because they are fun to fly and they are very cheap. We also fly them because we hand them out to our pilots for FREE. So there are always a lot of them. (Although we don't actually have the Corp Hangars fully stocked yet, we are working on that.)

You will always get a "gf" in local from us. We often send you isk or a friendly note after a fight, and if you put up a very good fight, we might even trade you back your loot in station. (It happens!) This is why most of our new members come from people we've recently fought. Funny how that works.

Everyone in Stay Frosty is here to play Eve. We love the game and we enjoy flying around and getting into trouble. We are not here to side with anyone, to take anything, to own something. We moved here for a breath of fresh air and to meet new people, have stimulating conversations with them, and explode their ships.

Pretty simple.

We are going to need lots of explosions. My god, but this Caldari space is drab, boring, and GRAY! Sheesh. So dark. Kinda saps the spirit don't it?

Your friendly neighborhood pirates are here. Please act accordingly.


  1. Ishomilken is a good choice. Another reason to roam up that way!

    1. Awesome, we love company! Hey, how'd that Rifter cake work out?

    2. It was awesome thank you :)

  2. Where are you guys during US TZ? We went looking for you guys last night (US TZ) as there was nothing else to shoot in the warzone and we couldn't find you guys anywhere.


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