Welcome Mynxee

[I just realized I may have to edit her Pirate Trading Card now!]

This week we celebrate the return of legendary Pirate Mynxee to Eve! Not only has she returned to us after a three-year absence, but she has decided to fly with us in Stay Frosty. Seriously, can news be any better?

About two weeks ago, right out of the blue, I got a DM thru Twitter from the Mynx. Since then we've been quietly talking back and forth about her return to the game. I appreciate that our insane bunch of misfit toys isn't everyone's bag of tea, but I also appreciate the fact that it is the perfect place for lot of players looking for something a tad more "casual" than the usual usual.

So I'd just like to take a moment and publicly welcome our long-lost Mynx back to the game. All of us look forward to flying together, and dying gloriously in balls of fire.

Whatever happens with all that rust you've accumulated over the past three years, just remember that yesterday I hit the approach button instead of the warp away button and lost my Comet to a gang I should have easily avoided. Last week one of our Stay Frosty pilots lost a nearly billion isk Tristan because they forgot to take the valuable Faction Webs they'd scored, out of the cargo bay. Neither myself, or they, or anyone else, has been kicked or beaten or even told to do better. Because, d'uh.

Some people tend to take the idea of "casual" play, the wrong way. We are extremely casual Eve players dedicated to casual play in a way that is not at all casual. If that makes any sense. Of course we have no minimum time requirements, you can play whenever and however you want. You can be on comms, or not be on comms, that is totally up to you. You can fly in a gang, or go out solo. You can FC or just ride along. Take two or three people into Null Sec, or jump a missioning Vargur and get wtf-pwned by the gang that shows up. (Did that the other day myself!) And be assured that no one will say boo about it.

I didn't ask Mynxee to join Stay Frosty. Just as I've never asked any of the other pilots in Stay Frosty to join. They've all come for a lot of reasons, their own reasons, their own backgrounds, experiences, and dreams. But what has been fascinating over the past year has been the developing shared thing that is the heart of something. Our group is developing its own heart, a shared spirit, that is amazingly awesome to watch.

Moves can be traumatic and stressful times, especially for a group as large as ours. But our recent move has gone as smooth as glass. Everyone picked up, did what needed to be done, and pitched in where needed. Pilot's stepped up, delivered (literally), and made things happen for anyone that needed help. And I'm sure that will only continue as some of our casual players return over the next few weeks to discover that we've moved while they were gone. lol.

I know. I talk a lot about my Corporation. Sue me, I'm proud of our pilots and our players. They are a great group and they continue to make Eve a fun place to log into every day.

Welcome to Stay Frosty Mynxee. Let's have some fun.


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome! Already SF feels like just the right mix of mayhem, "just go for it!", and strategy/tactics thinking for me...and everyone is very light-hearted about everything which is great. There is definitely a sense of camaraderie and helpfulness among those I've met so far. The good part is: Eve feels fun again! But I can't wait until this "omg how do I do xyz?" phase is over and I don't feel quite so much like I'm flopping about in space like a fish out of water! Excuse me...I have to undock...

    1. We've had quite a few "returners" over the past year and the general sentiment seems to be about two-three weeks before things begin to feel normal again. So hang in there, undock, and before you know it this will all seem normal again.

  2. If you had posted this on April 1st I wouldn't have believed it, hell hardly believe it now. Welcome back Mynxee.

  3. Welcome back Mynxee, good to see you back in the black :)

  4. Wow, quite the bombshell! Welcome back, Mynxee! <3


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